Guzzling up

Hey folks,

I have landed here. Yes at the WordPress.  Finally, after a lot of contemplation of starting another blog and that too here, was a time taking decision. For some it is as easy as creating a fake email id but I happen to have excluded myself from those types. First post will have a lot of weight-age to it, because I am going to be post at-least a couple of posts every week – both subject intense and chaff!

I would appreciate everyone who reads and/or leaves a comment on this blog. I am of a thought that it is a learning process and I have just started on this path. Rest assured I can learn! 🙂

Two cents about myself –

A regular guy in the field of Information systems. After completing my undergrads from Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India, I worked with Covansys Pvt. Ltd, ( now Computer Science Corporation). I recently walked for earning my dual-major Masters in Management of Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology with Project Management mint from Rochester Institute of Technology. I have intentions of going for my PhD. in Eco IT or energy sustainability fields. Well that being said, I have planst to go for phd soon but my gre score has expired or it is on the paht ot be. So, I guess I will have to attempt doing something more tfor this. I might have to just give GMAT or GRE soon and then think  about about what school does offer PHD in these fields. I have short listed a couple but you know things might just change.!


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