Purpose of this internet-o-place

As far as I can think of, I have always wanted to become an engineer. Even when I didn’t know what Engineering meant or what engineers were, I wanted to become one. I can attribute partially to my parents who said loosely those big words such as competition, hard life and money matters, etc. out loud in our house in front us even when I went to sixth grade.
You can actually say that I was just infatuated with the word “Engineer” and decided to move on this path even when I didnt actually know what it was.

Here I am after I earned my Master’s in MIS and IT and a Bachelors in Information Technology and two years of experience, and I still want to learn more.

When I was in eight grade, I actually took time to teach the children of my mother’s helper. Even though I was in eight grade, I assisted the kids who were in tenth grade with simple English structure and Grammar associated. So, as far as I can remember, I have liked teaching and imparting knowledge to people. For this to happen now after all of this professional profile, I would have to just follow the course of action and apply for a Phd program in my area of interest – Information Systems and Operations.

My intention is to have for myself a collection of activities what I have been doing for this endeavor.


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