Countries Shortlisting

After earning a master’s degree in multidisciplinary studies from Rochester Institute of Technology, I am hoping to get through another school for PhD πŸ™‚
In this process, I have short listed the following countries with some of the schools that I am sure at the moment that I am applying to/ or in the process of applying to for my Phd entourage.

1. United States

My imperative to apply here is that I am in the country and I already know how education system is, it would be beneficial for me to apply and get through here rather than any other country.

I haven’t had a chance to make a possible school list for myself till now, but I have short listed University of Rochester and RIT as two schools where I want to apply for sure.
I can sure make use of some help here :))

2. Canada

From an international student perspective, Canada remains a focal point. Education is competitive. Standards are equally high as United States. What else can I ask for ?

McGill and University of Toronto are for now on the list. As I move ahead in my search and application, I am sure I can see a couple of schools added to this list.

3. New Zealand

There is no specific reason for me to apply to NZ, and I would have not thought about applying to NZ in the light of recent racist attack(s) on a student community in Australia. Not to forget & mention both, Auckland or New Zealand is in close cultural and geographical influence of Australia.

Straying away from the main point :), University of Auckland is the only university in New Zealand that offers me competitive PHD learning in my desired field of Information systems and BPR. ( sorry not in the Comp departments πŸ™‚ )

4. Singapore

Lately Singapore has become the financial hub of the world and some of the univerisities in the country are really top notch. For instance, NUS and NTU ( where I am applying for sure ( both)) are in top 40 schools of the world. WOW! Isnt that great? Plus if I was a not a person who is attracted to ranks and numbers, NUS has a substantially cooler PHD program than many of the univerisities web pages I have visited over the web throughout the world.

Any and all suggestions are more than welcome. πŸ™‚ Dig it or just like it. We love to hear back from you! Just hit comment and that’s it !


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