A random old post – Career Interests – Reflects my views in 2005

Albert Einstein once said

” I never think of the future – it comes soon enough. “

My prejudiced opinion about future has been considerably influenced by this quote. I religiously follow this thought as my guideline for today’s Karma. In short, I live in today.

My career interests are varied. As the years have passed, more and more varied interests got added to my “favorites” list. I always wanted to become an engineer, which I did when I graduated in Aug ’06.

Telecommunications was and is, one of my hot craves. Deep inside this area has further more complex areas of interests, which are CDMA, GSM and VoIP. In the similar group, telecommunication industry offers Broadband Over Power Line(BPL).
This was my old love which seems to have taken a back seat since last year.

Ability to maintain data and manipulate information in the form of tables and SQL queries is what developed my penchant for databases. My specific goals are to work towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and develop existing compatibility tools between databases and front-ends.

E-Commerce is the youngest member of my old times love. The fact that the actual business can be run, fully automated on the internet is what inclined me to this subject. My first encounter with this subject was rather superficial and was limited to a brief introduction about this topic. But the subject interest brought a point where I changed my focus of research towards SOA and Business E-Commerce.

Υποδοχή to my new craze of Management of Information Systems (MIS). In case, you could not understand the first word of this line, it is greek translation for welcome 🙂
The world of business is very much dependent on technology and so is technology on business. Greater developments in technology has enabled nearly complete automation of business processes. The extent of automations has touched every silos of almost all organizations. Reaching out to the business people and understanding what they do and making sure that technology is doing exactly what it is required to do by the overall process of automation.

The process of discovering this new member of my knowledge castle is exciting and is keeping my involved. My career target positions at the beginning level are ERP Analyst or Junior Analyst, Website Designer & developer, Database Administrator, Database Application Designer !!


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