Academic Support document

Disclaimer: This blog post is a rationale for what you can do to strengthen your application at Graduate and PhD level.

Ideally, I could go with you ten rounds of discussion over what my profile has better than yours and what my school taught me even though it is not in the top 15 schools of the world. But any rational thinking person will agree that there can be no arguments about how much important it is to embellish your profile and your achievements and fine tune with the school(s) you are planning to apply.

No matter what major you are going for, be it IT, public policy or health! You will need to highlight what you have earned respectfully. I don’t know about you, I want to go to a top program. And to fulfill this desire to highlight your resume and accomplishments, you will find yourself in this position wanting to create something called as Portfolio for yourself.

As I understand it now and what internet tells me, an academic portfolio can be divided into following separate yet connected sections

I.            Education
II.          Teaching experience
III.         Research experience or areas/interest
IV.         Published or to be Papers
V.          Great Projects at School
VI.         Glory at Work experience
VII.        Resume

In this blog post, I will discuss the teaching experience part of portfolio. Now I know it is not in the order of the above, but everything counts!

A little BING search on the student portfolio(s) gives a good idea on what it looks like and what are its common components. (If you are reading this carefully, you will note how I wrote Student portfolio and not just portfolio.)  For some of us, who were lucky enough to land up a Teaching assistant or graduate assistant opportunity while in school, you will have some fluff to add towards your portfolio reflecting the amount of teaching exposure you have. Yay! And for the people who don’t have any teaching experience in those roles, research will be able to bolster your application.

Now moving ahead is definitely a good sign. You can ask me, Why? For two simple reasons – You get a separate chance to highlight your achievements as Teaching and/or graduate assistant(s). Second, most of the applicants wouldn’t have material to prepare this. So that makes you an early achiever or If I may say- early riser in the apps process from now onwards! Right!Till me next rambling!


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