Country/Schools update – Singapore !!

In my journey of mailing and “reaching out” to the professors and schools of my interest, I traveled from the beautiful nation of New Zealand to this little Asian nation; all through the US Ip address! LOL! It is interesting to note this nation is the financial hub of the world. Wow!

Singapore (2) – NUS and NTU

It was relatively quickly I got used to this process of mailing and after being done with one country I was exhilarating with energy and thought may be if I get these two universities done, I would be able to get past two countries. Two down, two more to go!!

I mailed to these universities individually. Let me tell you both of them are good universities and require a very strong profile to get in. These were short listed by someone I know in Singapore and came highly recommended. At first, my research interest this time also landed up in College of business for NUS. I took time to investigate which professors were in Information Systems (IS) or Operations –Supply Chain (SC). I figured it would be easy task to do, but honestly it was harder than I thought.

I remember making rounds and rounds over the coffee pot that morning almost since 8 am. I almost freaked out by the end of afternoon and decided to take a power nap to get all energized. LoL. On a similar note, after a while of mails and applications procedure (call it torture), you will notice that there is a frustrating feeling with big universities especially with the kind of page arrangement they will have on their websites. For the most universities it is very hard to find the faculty page. Oh come on, you got to have bring that page up and bump it up. Faculty are your moon and stars, why not hype them up?

FYI – for NUS you will have to look up by program and then school and then faculty web pages. Phish!

For NTU, I had a tough time deciding what I am supposed to do. Honestly, having done with NUS, I was excited but tough call with NTU. Guess what, NTU doesn’t support Information Systems research in Business School but it does in College of Computing!! Ball! I read the program, program structure, the course structure and courses and the profiles. You name it & I read it.

My eyes were already crying out loud for researching all day from 8 am, and it was already 4 pm in the afternoon. I decided to let NTU go for the moment. I made nuggets, waffles and some very veggie salad with Italian light fat dressing, I decided to take a power nap; after all I have a life for heaven’s sake.Waking up around 7 I already had lost two hours to my favorite sport in the world – Sleeping!

By the time I started again, it was time for dinner. Luckily my roomate Peter had already made some dinner 🙂 Hot dogs and again my favorite food Salad. I brought in a little something from the near 7/11 store to drink and there we were, having a good time after all this labor today at the computer. LOL

Even then I am a brave kid and I believe in the power of success and belief, I decided to give it a shot. So now, it is 9 pm and I am starting with NTU. Not a good decision in hindsight. I burnt myself with the frustration and did end up staying up late till 2 am in the night. Gosh! Coffee! This school has the Information systems department in the School of computing. More focussed on the computing side of Information systems and concentrated on solving problems computationally. Well that being said, it is not my favorite spot. So I had to look for alternatives. The very next second, I did two things. First wrote a note to the head of the dept of information systems at NTU and then browsed through MIS pages at NTU school of business. Yay! I am glad I did that.

Clock was ticking. It was already 15 up midnight and after burning myself up for another hour, I was done with the grunt work!

Advise for the intelligent and wise: Don’t work up too much for day 1 and then rest day 2,3,4… LOL.. Take time but still stay edgy!


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