How are we doing yet? Still hanging in here or left?

As you know I am apply for PhD schools for Fall 2010 throughout the world among which are Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and USA. If you wanna know why I am applying for these countries in particular and not others, you must read my previous blog entry.

After the precursor, I am more than happy and delighted to say that I am done with the first round of my PhD struggle/sojourn. In simple I am done with introducing myself, my profile and a summary of my academic pursuits; modestly written in my email note as accomplishments. Ha!!

The documents that I used and/or had to create in this process are

1. An updated copy of your resume
Tip: Don’t forget to mention your scholarships & grants that you might have earned throughout school or college. What I have learnt after seeing so many resumes on different professor’s websites and different student profiles is that everything, I repeat Everything counts! Before you know it is heavy to underscore it’s importance.

2. A brief summary of your research interests. !!
I learnt the hard-way out that as a research candidate you have to have a good idea about your research interests and have it handy in your book. You gotta make your documents before.
It happened to me! I applied to one of the the universities in Canada. A very respected Professor from the university whose research areas matched that of mine wrote back to me. He asked me in one statement about my research interests. I think it is critical that you are ready with the documents before even you start sending out your emails introducing yourself.

Continued in next blog post! Stay tuned!


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