Struggle of Beacon !! – Juice or concrete!

Reading this one quote from the book I have been reading, it made me think. More than just think, it let me believe that I can still hang on to belief and not give up.

I have been struggling lately, but struggling doesn’t mean giving up. It just means you are not happy with the way things are and you are trying to change things and iron things out, but it is not really working that way and you aren’t satisfied with the results that follow.The quote reinforced the concept that belief is a tangible and variable personal entity which will grow or die based on what food is given to it. You can let go of your belief in one moment of struggle and feel “comforted” for a moment or you can hang on to it and still try. After all, sometimes you might have to kiss 100 frogs before you find your prince. (Smile face)

Kiss the damn frog!
Kiss the damn frog!

Eureka moment is not here yet but the YAY moment is and came from this paragraph:

“From all these episodes, Jacobsen learned an overarching lesson: Don’t let disappointment lead to disillusionment. Surprisingly, after all these letdowns, Jacobsen has kept the faith.” I tell students this all the time,” he says. “The most important thing you can have is the ability to believe. Believing is a controllable aspect of people. You can let it be beaten out of you by bad events. You can become cynics, and a cynic does nothing. If you are going to invent or create, you have to put a lot of effort into something strictly on the idea of belief, because you can never know enough to justify doing it otherwise. It’s pretty much the same way in anything you do. The venture guys bitch and moan and fail about 60 percent of the time. I bitch and moan and I fail about 60 percent of the time. You’ve got to roll the dice. It’s easy to be let it be stomped out of you. But failure can teach you to keep the faith.”

This paragraph has been taken from Chapter “Embracing failure” of the book (page 158). The intention of sharing of this paragraph is to inspire, discuss and if possible learn from it, and not pursue copyright infringement.

Everything for everyone is different. And so is struggle. This part of my life called struggle, is infact different. It is the way I live, it is the way I work, and I feel about things.


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