Coffee’s distinct acknowledgement

Talking to the coffee pot
Talking to the coffee pot

I walked steadfastly to the counter in the Cafeteria and grabbed my ceramic cup from the closed closet and rinsed it. As I looked to get some tea for myself and was about to grab the tea bag from the collection of gazillions of them, the coffee pot said “Hi !! ”

“Oh. Look at you! You look pretty from the inside. Someone must have made you in the morning, fresh for me :)” I said. Surmising my greed to drink some of the exotic smelling caffeine, pot replied “I think in clock it says 10 o’clock and I was made before atleast you entered the office today. But never mind, I stay fresh until noon and then I got kiss the dishwasher.”

Amused I looked at the pot for another nano-second and I decided to pick it up. Before I could pour some morning nectar for my cup, breaking the awkward silence in the cafeteria, the pot said “I might look like a black dalmatian dog with light brown spots on me, but I clean from inside and don’t worry about it, go ahead and have a good cup of coffee”. I gawked. Then blinked. And finally smiled saying “I could see that the black dalmatian with brown spots is actually gold inside! Thanks for the cup of coffee”

As I started to drink my cup of brown coffee with a peanut cookie, I realized this might be my first cup of hot coffee in like 5 weeks. Wow!

Since the time I have moved to New Jersey for work, it feels different. Different than Rochester. Yeah ya, as people say it Upstate New york. The people here in NYC area, NJ and CT areas think Rochester is upstate however that’s not true and I was “cordial” to clear this mis-understanding to whomsoever I met at work for the first time.

Sometimes I like my coffee brown and more often I like it black. This may not sound weird and uncommon to you, but for a person who started to drink Coffee at the age of 23, I think it is pretty good to be able to develop a cognitive taste of the different flavors for caffeine.

Till then Chao!


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