Are bloggers socially challenged or not?

The imperative behind blogging is to explore and share viewpoints delineated with individual experiences thrown to into with heated arguments & sometimes with the kind words of encouragemetns, creating the perfect example of blogging.

There are a lot of issues and everyone of us migh thave something to agree or disagree. In a era of democracy and being physically presented in one of one of the world’s oldest democracies, I can tell for sure, that a lot of people have opinions that they want “others” to hear.

More often than not sometimes our different life experiences like layingoff, death of a loved one, religious intolerance, racial bias, etc. need to be explored from more than one viewpoints.

Like everything, everyone evolves. The methods of interpersonal communication like social networking, face to face comunication and blogging evolves. My thought is that people who frequently blog develop a special kind of skill set which is advanced for blogging communications but is very “retarded” socially. The degree of retardiness might vary very very strongly.

Some people would argue that the amount of time they spend on “connecting” electronically via blogging can ideally and should be spent on social networking and one to one communication.

But you can’t challenge the value of a well thought out and grammatically correct argument about anything and everything.

So blogging might be a cause (for few of us outside) for social communication retardiness but blogging is a way of expression, a method of telling the world how you see it through your glasses & and unbiased ( & sometimes biases) viewpoints ! !


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