Time for a little twist

Twist – A little change of pace in the moronic way of life is sometimes a life saver. That is what happens Aaj Kal! ( these days). What has happened to life? Anyone? I guess we scrambled out our lives to the commonalities of urban working phenomenon. And in between all of the grocery shopping, picking up kids from school, laundry and eating out, we just lost the pickle of life – Twist/Change.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment where I could see the sunlight by 6 in the morning flooding my room. This was partially because of the way our house was built ( Civil BS) and partially to my nature loving/urban phenomenon hating folks; they would sneak into our rooms in the morning when they get up and slide the curtains to the sideways, making already gigantic entrance of sunlight look even more behemoth and kill my need to sleep.

But that being said, change is almost always a good thing. And so is the twist in expectations.

I personally have always wanted to stay near LI/NJ/NYC/CT  area, for my personal reasons. In short, I just like it here. And in August month, I moved here ( read the story of moving here), it was a change. A change because of which I experienced new portions of life, a change which made me a little more grumpy ( for meeting weird people), a change which made me very loyal customer to Starbucks! ( My favorite Starbucks bar in New jersey), a change that made me go to Barnes and nobles everyday, a change that made me drive almost 200 miles every week, a change that made me cook everyday again and a change that took away all of my exercise! But twist with mint of change is good.

As I understand change is always difficult to absorb and accept.

Some people take more time to chill out and be back to normal than others and it is this very discernible ability makes people them real.This is what makes them, the real them. Think about it!

On the other hand, thoughts the most important thing in one’s conscious. I remember this famous quote

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

Source : Thinkexist.com

There is more that I can talk and type in, but apart from this, I have a life ( with a twist) which I need to get back. I might be a king in real life, but all I am is a weapon drenched in swamp for now ( with a twist)!

For the fans from India homeland,

the teaser is  this. I like this song because it is peppy and light. Keeps you in a good mood! Works at least for me 😀

Till my next musing! Chao!


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