Calorie Count – Day 1 – 09/29/09

As a part of the ongoing sequence of events, I will post my food everyday for 21 days from today and then we will re-visit it and see how successful we are in becoming lean! This list will also have an estimated Calorific value and time 🙂

Here goes for the day 1

1. Oatmeal Cereals with milk ( warm) – 8: 00 AM – 250 Cal

2. Boiled White Kidney beans curry ( small bowl) with rice ( small bowl) – 1:oo pm – 400 Cal

3. Banana – 3:00 pm – 90 Cal

4. Cheetos packet – 5:00 pm – 150 Cal

5. Oatmeal Cookies ( 2) – 7: 00 pm – 180 Cal

6. Boiled White Kidney beans curry ( small bowl) with rice ( small bowl), small yogurt pack & wheat bread slice (2) – 8:00 pm – 200 + 200 + 60 + 200 = 660 Cal

7. Water – 10:00 am, noon, 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm and multiple other times — 3- 4 litres of water –  O Cal 😀

In all, around 1700 calories with no meat whatsoever!


3 thoughts on “Calorie Count – Day 1 – 09/29/09

  1. Just found your website through one of my Google Alerts, thought I’d chip in.

    From reading this post it sounds like you’re trying to lose from weight. From your last line, “1700 calories and no meat” it sounds like you might be falling into a bit of common misinformation. (And correct me if my analysis is wrong or if there’s additional information I don’t know here).

    There’s nothing wrong with eating meat – as long as it’s healthy meats. Baking or grilling your own chicken breasts, for example. can be an incredibly healthy source of calories.

    It isn’t just about the number of calories, despite what a lot of “modern medical science” would have you think – a lot of times it’s the QUALITY of the food as well.

    So looking at your food log for this first day, I think cutting out the cookies and cheetos would be more beneficial than cutting out all meats.

    Comment back if you’d like and I’d love to continue this conversation, and I’ll try to check back every few days to keep track of your log.

    Good luck!

  2. Zac:
    Thanks for your note. Yes, you got it right, I am trying to become lean! In my most humble opinion I am a trying to lose a little weight Ha!

    To your point that “1700 calories and no meat”, actually what I didn’t mention is that I trying to quit meat all together (which btw is not happening in entirety 😦 and I am struggling). I understand that grilled chicken is “healthier” than crispy chicken!

    Well I am planning to add salad to my main course dinner as something that will help me to fill my hunger!

    Whoa cheetos are so out and so are cookies!

    If you have some tips, just let me know!

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