War of weights!!

DISCLAIMER: This is beginning of new series for 21 days! And I hope to struggle through it ! Why 21 days? Three weeks and then we will review how things are and what we can do about them!

I was 190-ish pounds earlier this year, for more than 6 feet in height and that didn’t made me nervous at all. It however did made me curious as to how to put off weight and if not, then how to maintain myself at this number. A weight of around 190 pounds isn’t that bad for a person of my height ( See BMI for yourself, I swear I am not lying)and physical strength, but I argue that I can be better!

So keeping this theme in mind, I have pretty much tried a lot of healthy foods, salads, vegetarian sandwich (without cheese, of course), switched back and forth between different kinds of vegetarian foods, and also kept my life connected with exercise ( as much as it was possible with swimming, cardio, Yoga and weight training).

Like everyone, when faced with dire question of starvation and eating, I chose eating – then it might be a subway meal or an oatmeal raisin cookie! Yes I did!  Beat it!  I indulged into very occasional ice cream/frozen custard eating. And I don’t think that is bad because this is what you do, treat yourself for having to diet and exercise so much to help you “Look healthy and pretty”

Unlike everyone I didn’t fret about it later! You got to treat yourself with respect and dignity even though you might hate what you see after shower! So after nine months of discipline and over indulgence sometimes in different kind of healthy foods and occasional deviant eating habits, I am still at 190 pounds. That’s not bad! Right J

As the Gurus say, you got to keep track of what you eat and you will know how much you are eating. So here goes nothing. I have to put up with the challenge of meeting my fate of “becoming lean” by monitoring what I eat and how much quantity I eat and how many calories it gives me.

As my roommate Erick tells me “Dude, it is hard to keep your diet under 2200 calories a day”. Taking inspiration from this, I am going to set a limit of 2000 calories for each day.


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