A good and a bad day!

With the last day of September, I took time to reflect what I did involve in this entire month. But the point of this post is about Last day of September – Sep 30 – which means my second day of diet planning..

Today I ate just about nothing the whole day! Not because I wanted Erick to see I can survive on below 2000 calories but I wanted to take less calories in general and what it turned out to be that I didn’t eat much at all.

In retro, when I see myself during the events and the day in particular, I don’t feel that way, but my stomach complained in the night, which I remember quite distinctively 😀 Adding from the point that I ate just above 1700 Calories on the day1, I ate just about a little above the half of the same amount on day 2

  1. Milk and oatmeal cereal (warm) – 8:00 am– 200 cal
  2. Fat free Yogurt cup – 60 cal – 12:00
  3. Flattened rice made up with oil, onions, mustard seeds, ginger garlic paste, and boiled potato (1 normal size) – 600 Cal – 1:00pm – Whoa look at that! PS: The portion size was big so is the amount of cal
  4. Two hotdogs with buns and mustard sauce – 200 Cal – 6:00 pm
  5. Five strawberries – 50 Cal – 9: 00 pm

There you go, a near about 1100 Cal. Now you are probably wondering what is the bad about this day? You ate less calories and this will help you be lean sooner! RIGHT. ?? Well the answer is YES and NO.

Yes because eating less calories will definitely help me burn the already present cal (flab) and this way, because for everyday activities body needs around 3000 calories and rest of the gap would be used from your own existing flab and this will result in burning the fat and appear you leaner!

But wait before you can celebrate this lean moment of happiness! Why?

NO because if I continue this way, my body will soon realize this that it is faced with a starvation situation and guess what happens next – because of less calories, my metabolism runs towards the body itself to nourish it.

Now this is more complex than you think. Body is made of proteins and fats and many more things. When body understands that it is malnourished, the body metabolism slows down and starts to look for food in the body since it is not getting any from outside. That being said, since the metabolism is slowed down, it moves towards slowly digestible food and that is usually proteins. Surprised are you? Well don’t be. Body reacts differently than we think it will.

When our body is underprovided with food, the slowed metabolism doesn’t have the strength or will to go look for food around bones ( that is where fat is stored), alternatively what it does is that it goes to nearby muscle tissue and starts eating it up. Slowly and slowly the size of the muscle tissues becomes smaller and smaller and hence you become leaner and leaner, but this is very harmful for body.

Decay of proteins is a long process and is a continuous process whereas fat decay is short and fast process. Once your body starts eating tissue, you will feel leaner but you will also feel weaker as compared to when you lose fat, you feel better about yourself.

Now, let me tell you why is it bad? For a simple reason is that you can add carbs to your diet and fat will come back quickly to your body, whereas in case of proteins, this is not the case. First off, proteins are usually very less in food as compared to fats, and they are hard to extract from food for the body. Second the process to extract the proteins and then use it to create muscle tissue is a long process often multiple days extending upto a week and comes back really slow.

So, eating less can be good, but bad too! Be careful what you eat! And how much you eat! And most importantly eat healthy!


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