Calorie Count – Day 3, 4, and all of the days till now!

Okay, I am guilty. Guilty of not writing regularly, but I am certainly not guilty of over eating. I kept track of what I was eating and how much I was eating. The portion size is important right? Yes I thought so. !

The gone day i.e. 10/04/09, I ate just 5 strawberries and one banana till 8 pm in the night! And then I fell into the trap of HUNGER. I went to White Castle and order two jalapeno burgers and medium fries. So my calorie count on Sunday was around 1000 Cal. Kill me!

I remembered the fact that each of us should fast one day each week. This process helps you be clean from the inside and helps strengthen the metabolism! So when are you fasting next? I chose Sundays J

For the most of the week and weekend I ate moderately, except on Friday lunch and dinner and Saturday dinner. Now you will ask me that is pretty much everything 🙂  That is not all  🙂 I had fasting for the entire Sunday and Saturday morning to even out excess food! So the reason is that I was really hungry and didn’t bring my lunch to work on Friday, so that eventually leaves me with the option of Subway. Understandably, my colleagues disobeyed my standing orders to go to Subway and instead we landed at a Chinese, Japanese buffet kind of restaurant. The food was delicious ! Yummm !

But the bad part is, like every other student, I ate a little over what I eat normally. So I assumed that this huge meal killed my appetite for dinner and I planned to have only salad!

The sad part is that I forgot that I have to go to the Sikh Temple at Bridgewater, NJ ( I try to go every Friday evening and Sunday morning). So I landed up there, and it is customary to have dinner after prayers as a pious offering. But I ate modestly 🙂  again. So say Friday wasn’t that bad, I was a little above 2200 cal (Calories breakdown not provided, because I don’t remember what I ate). Intense I know 🙂

For Saturday I think I had a little intense dinner with around 1400 calories at once 🙂 but be assured that I ate nothing all day. Except milk and cereals in the morning and water melon; PS: I love water melon.

I love watermelons
I love watermelons

Till my next rambling then! Chao! Leave comments!


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