Cross connections – Serial or Parallel

How do you feel about yielding your bed at 3:30 am in the morning? Disgusting right! Even if I get up late, say 7, morning still comes anyways! J

Yearning up from a place a little far away from my own bedroom, I entered my bed at 4:50 am and after contemplating going to bed again or not for less than 60 seconds, I finally gave up on going to bed.

So imagine at 4:51 am you are standing in the middle of your room and thinking what to do? Seems a little lost? I was honestly. Rushing through the book kept next to me ( Blink) and understanding that I cant read it any faster, I gave up on that too, and did allow myself to relax a little bit watching SG1 on And before I knew, it was time to get ready for work! LoL

Then all of a sudden my eye shutterbugs went down and I was almost going to give in. I think I gave in for a nano seconds coming back only to see another adverstismetn running in between the season 4 of SG1,which can become a little too much when you don’t have the patience to wait for the episode to continue giving me thrill of SG.

Away from that, I messed up a little bit before I could eat my breakfast and pack my lunch ( yes yes, I pack my lunch! BOOOO.. I am vegetarian and it is hard ! lol ) It was my intention do as the old German proverb says;

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”            

So based on this, I made two eggs ( sunny side up in my own special delicacies) sandwiched between toasted 12 grain bread slices and a little protein butter. This was soon supplemented by bowl of (warm to hot) milk and oatmeal cereals. But that is not just enough. I kept on thinking something was missing; Because this CAN’T be what Kings eat! ( ha ha ) So I decided quickly grabbed the nicest curry from the leftovers I got from my temple. Together I pushed a nice home made wheat bread onto the pan for heating it.  

Now while making my breakfast, I had a tough time dealing parallel activities. Like my ideals in life (Stay tuned for the next blog posting about Mahatma Gandhi), I also like to stay on top of my things and work very hard for whatever cause it might be. Time was clocking very quickly and no kidding I wanted to cook breakfast ASAP, eat and then wear my socks, shoes and belt, take my laptop, oh yeah the charger and yes the mouse! It almost appeared that I was flooding with breakfast and clothes at the same time.

Seriously, consider your home kitchen slab (shelf) with Protein Butter, Wheat Bread, Eggs pack, Butter knife, Plate, curry, home made bread, a pack of cereals and an empty bowl. So now you make two eggs, put bread onto grill, microwave curry, and prepare for next slot of things. Once the face of eggs is done, it is time to cook the back! Swap it up a little and add black pepper and a little salt now. Ding! The bread is done. Tossing it up on the porcelain plate, I am careful not to break it and increase my work by cleaning the menace. Well, the work is not done yet, apply the butter and take out the curry from microwave. Now run to the fridge and get milk for microwave and how about the cereals? Bring them from the attic and see what flavor you like. Quickly you drop the flavor you like onto the shelf behind you and grab the eggs, bread and butter while you rush to the fridge. By this time, the eggs are almost done and you still have the pan on the fire! J Oh where is my other bread? I forgot it in the fridge!

Well finally after two more minutes, my myriad with cooking breakfast and eating king size ended with food finally ready and I decided to eat it outside rather than have to go to my room to eat and then bring the dirty plates to the kitchen later.

Now off to the room to do the rest of shoes, socks, belt, laptop, chords, mouse and other things! And I had 10 minutes to complete all of this. Yeah baby! BREAK a leg. Ha Ha Ha

Well you see there is a connection, it appeared to me if not parallel, then serial. I just think I would be way well off cooking my breakfast at dinner time. It just appeared to me, as much as we want our mind to work in parallel, mind likes to work serially, afterall!


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