Good… Is not good enough!

It seems as if whatever we attempt to do or actually do, is usually measured by some standard or another. But what is good? Define good.

Good for me might not just be fair for you and vice versa!      

These are my thoughts -> As human beings, we have a moral duty to make the best of what we have and what we were given.  In the process, we must/should try to become the best of human beings, and sometimes in the process, we must stop for a moment and ask ourselves “What is good enough? What is the best for me? ” Good enough is sometimes not just enough.

I had this epiphanyGood…. Is not enough?”  With all of my good intentions, trying to pull off my “normal” lifestyle, it appeared that even though I was putting my best foot forward, it is just not worth it and the task that lies ahead is herculean and our efforts are futile.  May someday when it comes to you will understand what I mean!

It doesn’t make me nervous, but makes me realize that someone is bigger than us and that someone expects more out of me.

10/19/2009 update!

I received the email from one of my daily alerts –, and it said something like this

“Doing good is not enough when you are trying to become GREAT !”  Now I know, why good is not good enough.


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