My god and Your God

I inherited a faith based belief system ( and not religion) from my family and as one of its tenets is to not question the existence of supreme being ( One might think that this is not true, however). As I moved farther and farther from “Home”, my limited accessibility to visit similar or exact faith worship institutions decreased and decreased. And slowly, I saw another method of salvation.

A nearby Sikh temple called as a Gurudwara in Rochester was it. I started going religiously to its prayer sessions every Sunday and sometimes more. If there was some special prayer session, I would take time and go. As an outsider in this new religion, I was a little nervous about fitting my own life long faith into this new found interpretation of religion.

It has been a little over a year now and I love how my own life long faith blended so quickly into the tenets of Sikhism. I think I know the reason, but that is not the motivation I am writing here.

My parents are visiting me this year for thanksgiving and seeing them after almost 20 months is a good development for me. During the time I moved out of home and out of country, my parents however were very comfortable in their own world and there is nothing wrong in that!  J But I grew up into a different person and my faith is also blended and I m very proud of that!

But sticking upto a stereotype is not my idea of God. My family including my mother is very passionate about our faith based system and I would have ideally liked to keep it very close to myself and respect that, but the over all fantastic blend of my faith with new religion is just exhilarating.

My god is omnipresent, can’t be defined in size, shape, or matter, He is neither He or She, or both who knows. I don’t know what he looks like, I don’t know what he likes of me, I don’t know why people would create stereotypes of him- you either see a 16 hands deities or you see mother Mary with Jesus! But I do know is that he loves me irrespective of his color, my color, my shape and my language. God loves me, he has promised me!


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