Guy is, I believe.. a racist!

Having a bias is an easy thing to be a part of and when you are in the media, it is even more enticing. So what is Fox news is ( out loud) biased against the Dems!

It was only yesterday we were discussing the classification of US presidents. One would Bill Clinton in one of those orator kinds and Bush into some lower level then that. Don’t blame me for that, his English ( remember the time when you get news saying “InternetS”) is terrible for being American. But the fact is for Obama you can’t find a category.

If I could go in the future and see what category future generations of US have put Obama in, it would most expectedly be in the ranks of Lincoln. I am super sure about it. And fox ended up saying that Dems, especially the comment that Obama is racist.

I am out and proud that I like Obama. But atleast I am not slave of my prejudice and I can stand upto him and say you are wrong here or you need to do this better! Grow up Fox!


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