Skin Under – Part 1

Keeping in line with last year’s new year’s motto of spending time at volunteering, I ended up spending time doing the same thing I did last year. But with few exceptions.

Last year I met someone who I didn’t think I would have met. It all started through the online dating website and now we are more than friends.  I was just sent a general reminder that you should talk to the matches from the datingl website and it was almost like that I went online.

I had some of the matches to meet and to talk, all lined up for me. However I was fixated at one. I don’t know why. All I know is .. I was.  I used to live in Paramus, NJ at that time and I wanted to meet someone who was local. It reduces the long distance feeling from the relationship.

We exchanged numbers on the website and then one night, B called.  I was a little excited and a little scared both at the same time.  I didn’t know what to do. I still remember, laying down on the bed after dinner, I saw B’s number on the phone. We talked for about 10 minutes and it was everything between Okay to Awesome.  I was excited no wonder.  We decided to meet a day after on Jun 28, 2011 in hoboken.  I was going to come right after work to hoboken to meet this person who shared a mutual interest in me.  After a little bit of address wagging, I met B at Panera’s on 6th Ave in Hoboken. It was far from perfect first date but still perfect in all of its entirety.

I was nervous because I hadn’t dated anyone in a long time and let alone a new person. It was like taking dating 101 class over when you are already a little bit rusty.

I texted B ” I am here at the front door”.  B came looking very himself and hugged me. I was taken a back a little bit,  I wasn’t and his demeanor threw me away to a very tiny bit extent but he confidence and happy smile was infectious. We ordered our food and waited to talk to each other. At least that’s what I was doing, even if B wasn’t. Hell, I would never know.

I got mediterranean sandwich and a soup. B got a combo for half a sandwich and half a soup. I guess I was hungry after work.  B might not be after his day off, which I came to know afterwards. We sat and talked to each other for an hour. I asked B what background, and how B was in general. I didn’t have a checklist of questions or areas that I wanted to ask B, and I would just like it to flow naturally, wherever it was supposedly flowing to.  In an hour time, we finished our meals  but I remember I still wanted to talk to him about B, about us. And to my suprise, B asked me “Do you want to walk near the sea front? Its really pretty there! I walk there sometimes and chill”, I agreed.

That was a start to till now continued relationship with awesome person!


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