Skin Under – Part 2


As I agreed to walking with POI in part 1, we both walked towards the water front in hoboken. I had been here before multiple times, but the quality feeling of being with someone who you might have a strong chemistry is just fantastic.   Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you before, that the second I met POI, there was a distinct level of personal chemistry between both us – a fact that we both agreed on after wards in private as well.

Personal Chemistry
Personal Chemistry

We hung around near the water front and finally being myself, it was very normal happy feeling.  We talked about his novel choices, B spain trips, B obsession with Spain and Spanish in general.  B asked me about my life, my background, my work and family and things like that.  We clearly had a lot in common. So, we kept on talking. And the more we talked, the more we became comfortable with each other. I could tell just by being there with B.   The more I looked at B, the more I wanted to look.  Life is funny at times.  We then got bored of sitting on the grass near the platform made from reclaimed land. And also since we both noticed a little dog peeing on the grass.  The same very grass we have been sitting on from last half hour lol. Well I felt gross at that very moment.    So, we both left the garden to go and walk around the whole open area. We walked towards the right where usually people take the ferry everyday from Hoboken to the city. If you ever travel to Hoboken water front side, you would see, that its beautiful and there is a ferry section near the rustic and big theater which probably still runs.  I don’t know may be one of these days I will go and check it out with B. Who knows 🙂

Dogs not allowed to pee
Dogs not allowed

So from the grass, we started to walk around the boundary of the park on the reclaimed land and before we knew,  it was dark already.  Not that I don’t like dark times, I am personally a morning person. I rather do anything in the morning than in the evening. Life is unpredictable however.  I could tell B had started to like me.  B’s demeanor, B’s attitude .. all had changed since the time I had met B for the first time at Panera’s.  We walked a little bit further and B with this backpack and in darn good shorts, B walked with me. When we were walking towards the theater,  I saw bunch of people who were walking around us, like others. Since I wasn’t open about myself, I felt so concerned about it at that very moment. But when I looked at with whom I was at that time, I said to myself ” You are going to be fine.”  And just like that, I was okay. I really was.

We agreed to sit and talk about more about us and just have a good hangout time – what B likes and what I like and so on and so forth.  B suggested we should lie down on the grass.  Again on the grass ! Yikes !! I told him not to lay down on the grass now because of our previous not-to-lay-on-the-grass-because-that’s-where-dogs-pee episode. We both had a good laugh about it and we did finally lay down on the grass. I can’t remember whether or not, B brought a sort of mat that night or not, but well the important part is, we did. It was getting colder as well. We both kept on looking at the sky. Planes from Laguardia,  JFK and Newark liberty airports kept on flying by and B was so keen on explaining me everything about why this plane is what B said it was, where this plane was coming from, whose plane it was and so on and so forth. I kept on listening patiently. I think I did tell B at one point, to shut up because I am not a plane freak like B is,  but I was totally into B, that much I remember.

In hindsight, I first met B at Panera’s at about 6 pm. In the past, whenever I met someone new professionally or personally, it has been different experience. Sometimes I would let my guard down, sometimes I wouldn’t unless I know them well. It is needless to describe, meeting B for the first time, I was definitely going to have my guards up. Since the moment I first saw him at Panera’s, a lot had changed.

Even though only two or so hours might have passed, but it meant a lot to me and I felt my guard going down to a point I was comfortable with B kissing me.  Yes kissing me.  When we were laying on the grass together, B came closer and let me touch B.  At first my hands didn’t wanted to go there.  I, awkwardsly  did took my hands back. That very moment, B looked at me befuddled, “What’s wrong? Do you not want to?”  I took a deep breathe and smiled. That’s the best I could do at that time.  After a few seconds, B came even closer and kissed me again.  I didn’t know what to do.  All I knew was I wanted to kiss B back.

Yikes! Stuff happens

My first reaction was – shit ! Too much happening too soon. How did I feel? I felt good. You bet but it wasn’t my motive. Life is so brutal. We had to start to go home, it was getting late by the hour and I had to drive back home after dropping this awesome person  I just met.  I will be honest – I liked B at the very first sight. B’s hug was electric and turned me so ON. I found B confident and honest.  That’s a journey which I will save for another time and another blog post.

Till then, have a good one and have faith. That’s what I say to B now after eight months of knowing,

I am so glad I met B.  When everything else seems to be going crazy and unmanageable, B is the anchor with whom I find peace and happiness!


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