Sarbanes Oxley Law Compliance 101

I am currently brushing up my knowledge of this particular law and I would like to take this chance to share this with you.

One of my resource that is available to me is Google. 🙂 Who needs something else.? Right

So here are the ten steps towards compliance as per Sarbanes Oxley Law. I haven’t read the entire post but it seems to be intense and subject relevant. Must read. I am excited for tonight to see how well it connects to my objective of brushing up with it.

For starters, the compliance work involves – Financial Audits at regular fixed intervals for any discrepant behavior, establishing general controls and specific controls on various fronts performed along with financial internal review and preparing a correction plan if required for any identified and unwanted financial behavior.

Basically make the companies and federal government more alert and aware of what is going on on their balance sheets and how things can be dealt if anything is found out.


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