One of those days!

As a poster on the wall of my friend’s living room said ” Shit happens!! ” I agreed that day and I agreed more today!


Subject of life is a complex matter to be determined in one line as some of us can easily do in writing emails or letters ( who writes them anymore?  huh?) but the point is after all of the exciting day today, I feel we need to reaccess what my life is all about and what I am getting from it.


Blink-182 (album)
Blink-182 (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am in early 20’s. Already went to school twice, first for undergraduate and then for masters’. Worked in two different countries and three different companies excluding internships and co-ops. And that’s it.




Like the cursor of the not gui friendly old red hat command prompt systems, Blink ….Blink … shows up in my head. Is this all the reason we got this life for? Ok agreed, we have friends. Most of us do. Good friends yes. Then what.


When I think, its no one fault. Without the rain of love, family and caring friends, the land in the form of heart has dried up. Or I should say it had. When you see life that is so hard to deal with, you automatically become either of one – Hard as in stoic or weak as in hay. I choose to be the former. I am not a loser and have been a winner all my life atleast in my world.


I hope you are too. Till the next rambling !



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