Republican Aftermath of NY Marriage Equality Law

After months of passing the historic bill in New York for same sex couples to get married in new york without a residency requirement, every one is bound to be happy, except the ones who still think this is not the right to do today.

As you might be aware, four of the republican senators cross the party vote line and voted yes for the bill. They were happy. The New York Mayor, Cumuo was happy, so was everyone who needed this law desperately. However there were some who were unhappy, clearly.  These four republicans who now are at the centre of attack from NOM and other conservatives who think giving same sex people their right is a problem or hindrance towards theirs.

The times have an interesting article about it and how they are managing the threat from political, religious and district areanas, who is the safest bet, who is at the centre of the ire and so on. If you would like to read it to tease your brain, please do so here. (


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