Quick Renaissance

K Only after two days of going and doing activities “other people do, on a daily basis”, my mind has grown out of control.

My thursday night was one of quite regular one. It wasn’t surprising that I didn’t had any company on thursday evening and I ended up doing random chores, which seem never ending! One thing after another kept me busy !! I was soon done with a light dinner, I was IM-ed by my supervisor that friday was a WFH day since the business was performing business continuity drill on friday! I welcome such surprises, where I don’t have to get up early and make breakfast and then lunch and then drive to work everyday, for an hour at least!

I started to watch my favorite episodes of various television shows on hulu and I was quite happy with what I was watching.

I slept super late thinking I can wake up at 730 and start working by 8, which a decent plan in my opinion. My day went by okay and wasn’t very eventful. I continued to work till 4 pm during which I felt my mind taking over my body and its actions, more than once. I knew what was going, however I felt a little helpless over how much control over my mind to stop or delay it. It was a pleasure from my mind perspective to be able to do those actions, however from a soul’s perspective, I was doomed.

Suddenly I found myself to be tired. At around 4 pm, I was so tired that I didn’t even put my machine on sleep however I went to bed at 4 pm. That has never happened in recent 5 years! I was surprised.

After a couple of hours of sleep, I woke up at 10 pm lol. It was quite a stressful wfh after all, where I had two meetings to attend and couple of defects to investigate! Wow what a Friday night.

Since I was up and hungry, I decided to check on a friend if he was up for a late night snack but he didn’t wanted to go. And then I just couldn’t believe myself I ate a big dinner meal at i-hop by myself. I usually don’t do things like that. Say may be once in many years, it would have happen to me. But it did for this night.

I came home to rest but ended up watching a marathon of unwatched episodes.  I slept through the entire night watching hulu and passing in and out of it. And finally woke up at 9 AM. For most of the readers/people that fall into 20 to 35 years of age group, this could be very normal, however not for me.

I am an early bird! At least I used to be. Now not so much!


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