Knowing “K”

In the fall of 2009, I used to be a special aide teacher/teaching assistant for one of the public schools in Hudson County , New Jersey. It was one of the great programs across the country.

I would typically work till 5:00 pm everyday (uggh, corporate life) and then drive to the school and start the class. Some of the days we would just learn and coordinate with other teachers and go through the curriculum progress etc. On the scheduled days, we would teach and assist the teachers with the kids with special needs and on the other days plan their Individual Education Plan (IEPs) for each kid.  It was fun.

K was one of my class mates from the group and I have known ever since. She is originally from Asia (Philippines)  and is fluent in English and Tagaluk.

She leaves a very strong first impression and comes out as a strong girl with very character. Or she did on me, atleast. More than once have I told her that she is very good with her oral skills and her vocabulary! I was impressed. I come from a background where my siblings didn’t share the same interest in English and I maintained a strong sense of magnanimous throughout my childhood and adulthood. So lame? I know but I don’t despise it.  And why should I? J

After quite a while of knowing her, dropping her and picking her up to and from the class and her apartment, help her move, meeting her mother and dining with them a couple times, talking about her lady problems , her relationship problems with her not-so-much-boyfriend A, her troubles paying the school fees and much much more, lets just say we know each other a lot! J There are still things that we disagree on, but we are pretty much in harmony for the most part of our lives. 

She has had issues with dealing with people from a couple of months. She reaches out to people and expects the people to respond in the same manner. Its almost expecting the Bull to not hit you because you are a vegetarian.

No matter what, we have been friends through thick and run, and I hope to keep it like that, now with knowing B ! 🙂


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