Preparing for Hide and Seek! – The Series :)

Earlier on in the week my friend “K” texted me asking me to meet and hangout with her for an evening given that we haven’t done out night out thing in a while now!

I will admit with complete honesty that I do have a tendency to drop off the face of the earth and then appear again and then vanish again!! This is something I am not so much proud of. But everyone has their strengths and part of quirkiness. This is mine, I guess.

After a little bit of thinking and dilly dallying, I texted her and spontaneously made plans to meet up soon after work in the upcoming week !!!! Who knew it would be so useful!!!!

This particular week was gone way faster than I previously had expected. I was also eager for the impending event planned for the weekend. After work, I got out and it was almost time for me to go and meet K. However I decided to go home, take a shower and meet her then. I was still early on time. So I called K and asked her if she was ready and she wanted to hangout now instead of a little later. To my surprise, she said, she was ready and was looking forward to meet as soon as possible. I hopped to drive and pick her up in a few minutes.

Simultaneously, I was texting and talking to B all of the time but I was also letting B have some fun when in Portland, Oregon. I told B that I am going to have In the past, K had wanted to go and check out a local Sushi place which she said had the best Sushi place for a very cheap price. Well what did I know! When I met K on Thursday the same week, the events for final Hide and Seek event were already in play.

I picked her up and we went to Sushi place in Bayonne. It’s a cheap and good food place. But doesn’t offer any of the royal feeling if you are looking for it  We got an appetizer and our main course meals and with the epic FRIED ice cream dessert in the end. After sprawling myself with the multiple options available, I ended up eating the normal Bento box. Pretty lame in hindsight I think it was.

We talked about her work life, caught each other on the social life and what new was going on in the school and much much more. It was total chill night time for me and for her. Once we were done eating, K wasn’t in a mood to go home just yet. She wanted me to drive her to a beach or seaside in Hoboken and walk with her. But what would she know, God wanted rain  lol.

We started to drive to Hoboken and it started to pour and there it was, her washed aspirations to go to seaside and walk. Completely washed !! After that I just gave in and I told her let me drop you instead and call it a night. We kept on talking about how the events on the weekend were going to shape up and how nervous I was meeting B’s parents and family for the first time. I drove to her front of her apartment and we sat there in the car for an hour talking about how I was a nervous wreck in regards to how I will handle meeting B’s parents and rest of the family for the first time and that too total surprise for B.

“I don’t know. I am very nervous now. I don’t know what got into me, when I booked my flight and email B’s father to pick me up from the airport.” I asked.

“Its going to be okay. See B’s dad is going to come and pick you up and you already said he likes you. So you are fine. Just go and have fun” K replied.

I was trying to find peace with those words but my mental state wasn’t resonating with what she was telling me right now. I was in short – fearful of what will happen on Friday night, what will happen when B sees me, how will the logistics work and will they all like me?

With those winds of thoughts prevailing over my everyday serene thought process, I dropped her and said Adios.

My hide and seek was going to begin…. This time for REAL.


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