Hide and Seek Series – Part 1

Since I had been planning on doing this surprise from almost before my birthday, I had planned on Working from home that Friday and by Thursday night, I could totally tell it was going to be so much more helpful than I thought before.   After meeting K on Thursday night and sharing with her my nervous sentiments about giving B a surprise on eve of birthday,  I came home tired and wasn’t very enthusiastic about doing any of the packing for the trip that I had planned up.   I hopped in for a quick shower and drank some milk, before calling it a night.

 I was happy thinking about my WFH, I am going to work from home tomorrow morning and I don’t have to worry about any of my daily rituals and process around that of making lunch and breakfast and then drive an hour to work. My body was ready for some more flexibility, rest and comfort.

 After a comforting sleep when I woke up at 7AM I was pretty drained for some reason. A reason which I could tell only in evening at the airport and not at that time!  However I couldn’t let this be a road block for a planned busy day ahead.  I had a work call planned at 8 AM and I wanted to eat breakfast before that. So I made myself two eggs Sunnyside up, (that’s how I like my eggs for breakfast).  It was quite a breakfast with some orange juice and two eggs sandwich.

Soon after, I got done with my 8 AM meeting, I planned to prepare for my three days of travel to Denver.  It’s just like I planned what I am going to wear for all of my nights, all of my days and when I am with B. It was just a little planning work for me. Ha Ha. I don’t like spending time on my wardrobe planning, in case you couldn’t tell just yet, but I made very detailed planning on what to wear and when. I wanted to leave a good impression on Coloradians ! ( if that’s a word)

My friend M was going to pick me up at 3:45 PM and so I texted him around 3 to check where he was and if we were still on schedule. I wanted to make sure I reached in time.  He texted me right back suggesting he was early and around in my area. I jumped on this chance and suggested we start early and get to the airport early. He immediately concurred.  So when he came I had already showered and was ready for my flight to Denver and surprise B.  In between of all of this work, planning, eating and showers, I was texting constantly B and Cool Quiet Guy (B’s father) about what they were doing in Portland, Oregon. Cool Quiet Guy texted me back saying that he was going to come and pick me up at the airport as planned.  The more the time of meeting B and family came closer, the more I got nervous and excited. I finally knew what the quote “mixed feeling” meant.

After a fun ride with M, we finally arrived at Newark Liberty Airport at around 4:00 PM and I was on my way to go to Denver. However I just realized that I left my house key with M in his car. Gawd, I called him and asked him to circle back when he had already left the Airport Terminal C complex. He used better judgment and came back to give me the keys. ! It was first sign of my nervousness and it was my wakeup call.

“Deep Breath” I said in my mind to myself. “Keep on for 10 -20 times” I continued to mutter.

I already had the flight pass and I had checked in at my apartment using the website before. So, I went to security clearance and waited myself to be groped and scanned naked. I was there and went through the whole process rather painlessly. When I walked towards my gate, it was already 4:40 pm and the flight had started boarding. I was late! I rushed and was able to still go to my seat. Since I was late, all of the overhead bin space was gone. Now, they were checking the carryon bags for free but we will have to collect them at Denver International Airport (DIA).

I sat comfortably in an aiyle seat and there was an Asian guy on my far left. Middle seat was empty. I was so happy to get some additional legroom and arm space.  I couldn’t fathom my extent of lucky day. Soon there was a Stand by passenger who needed to get to Denver from New Jersey and he came and sat between us.  Getting my arm space being encroached upon is not a happy feeling.  After all I am not a premier executive for United like B is. !

I flew and tried to sleep a little bit because I will be there in a couple hours and I wanted to come across as confident and not a nervous wreck.  Next stop, DENVER!


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