Hide and Seek Series – Part 2

Finally after a couple hours of flight I landed at Denver International Airport (DIA) . The flight was a couple minutes early and I was thinking would Cool Quiet Guy (B’s Father) would be there at DIA to pick me up.  Before taking the flight, I texted Cool Quiet Guy my flight details, for him to be able to decide on when to arrive to the airport to pick me up!

I shot a text to him that I was here, and he immediately responded back suggesting he was already here near the gate to pick me up. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Since my flight seat was in the last section of the aircraft, it took me a little bit time to get out.  I met Cool Quiet Guy right outside the terminal gate.  Since he worked with the flight, he was allowed to come inside the terminal gate to pick up someone.  It was very helpful given how nervous I was. We hugged and exchanged pleasantaries. I was kinda reliefed because it had a lot of planning for something and that something was already in motion.

So that you have a clear idea what made me nervous was, first, I had never been on Denver before, let alone to surprise anyone.  I did meet Cool Quiet Guy  two times earlier in New Jersey when he flew out to visit B but that was completely different because I had my comfort zone in NJ and I had more control over things and he was a guest.   Second, very soon I was going to meet everyone in B’s family who I hadn’t met before ever. Ugh!  With the exception of B’s brother M who was in the city once with his friends who is pretty cool by the way.   Third and this one is big! I would be staying in someone’s house whom I have never met in my life.  In one word I can define how the whole surprise thing was looking at this moment – difficult.

As soon as I landed, I texted B asking what B was doing in Denver with family. This was also required because I didn’t wanted him to think that there was something fishy going on. I wanted him to know that it was a normal “friday” for me and nothing more.

Since United checked my carry on bag in, I had to collect the bag from the conveyor belt. After quite a long walk spanning accross the entire airport, we finally reached a parking lot where the car was parked.  We drove to the Apple Bees. I was told, B was going to have dinner meal at Apple Bees with some of the family and we should just meet there.  I am a little romantic person in general and I believe in giving and loving. So, I had planned earlier to get some flowers delivered for B at their house in Denver, however I wasn’t able to find a good deal for it to be done.  I asked Cool Quiet Guy to stop a store to get some flowers before I meet B. He agreed in a heart beat. We stopped at a KingSupers to buy flowers for B. It was rather quick!

The moment for which I had planned on for almost 5 weeks, was going to come soon. And thinking about it, my stomach felt sick!

Cool Quiet Guy  parked the car promptly near the door of the Apple Bees door. I took a deep breath.  I grabbed my wallet, my jacket,  phone and the flowers which I got for B from KingSupers.  We walked in the door to enter Apple Bees. For those of who have been to any of your local Apple Bees, you know how at the entrance, some one will greet you adn let you navigate to your table.  This one was a little different. I reached at the door and then just followed Cool Quiet Guy to the table where the rest of the family was sitting.

I was pumped, I was going to see B finally ! !

I turned on to left, and B was sitting comfortably on the chair with B’s mother and sister. I didn’t know what to say. I just said Hi. B looked at me and that very moment freaked out !  For next 60 seconds, B was just kinda loud and remembering jesus again and again lol.  B might have cursed another ten times before I leaned forward and kissed B.  Clearly B was so excited to see me there in Denver!! I gave B the flowers I got and I went ahead to meet others!

B has in the past asked me several times to come and visit and meet the family and I have always thought it was kind of a big deal and that is the very reason why I haven’t visited Denver before. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do such a thing.  I don’t know what had gotten into me this time. I have scared. I have been terrified by just the thought of meeting B’s family and parents. I just didn’t realize how small that fear was in front of how much I cared about B’s happiness and wishes.

I met everyone and then had a good meal together with all of them. We talked a lot about everything.  B’s sister E had to leave early so she said goodbye early on and left however we all, four of us were left.  We ate some more and then B and drove together in one truck and B’s parents in their car.   It was nice to finally meet them.

This was just a starting to a great yet largely unplanned weekend with I-don-know-a-better-way-of-saying-it-therefore-tagging-them strangers !


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek Series – Part 2

  1. Ok, I just wanted to find some personal story bloggers, I think I found someone..A GOOD one…. Bro, the stuff is cool and kinda mysterious, I like that nervy way of writing… Hope you have a good time……. Cheerz

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