Hide and Seek Series – Part 3

After a heavy meal and happy outcome of my five weeks of planning and coordination with B’s father, we planned on getting out of Apple Bee’s.

When the time came to pay, I felt I owed it to everyone to pay for the dinner. Some of you might say, “No you don’t!” or better yet “You’re being super nice”. But I felt I had to do it for B.  I owed this much to B ! For one, I was a guest to B’s parents and was going to stay at their house for the weekend.  Second, at the expense of sounding shallow, but coming from a-knowing-human-nature-perspective-and-experience, everyone likes to be treated nicely and cared for. And by paying for a meal, I was essentially doing that. 

Every person around us likes the care, and attention that may be deemed on them by anyone.  There is probably a voice in your head right now that is saying, I don’t believe this shit! Perfect! Keep on reading, and what you will read below and a few posts after this, I will break ice with your other side.  Look around you, a person who you know, a friend, a pet or even your better half if you are lucky to have one with you, do something for them, give them a treat, take them out for dinner or just spend some happy time with them doing something you both like. Everyone likes that! ! Yes even you like it. Trust me, everyone does!

And if that is not enough for you to be convinced, then here is the bullet in the head!! It was B’s birthday and that’s the very least a boyfriend can do, is to buy dinner for the special person and the family! Since I was going to be their guest for the weekend I needed to start at a good note.  On the pretext of going to the washroom, I went to the server and gave him my card to charge the dinner to.  I asked him to give himself a fat tip as well for doing this. I was happy and when I am happy I splurge money ! So retarded ! I agree.  After a couple minutes of finishing dinner, the server brought the reciept to sign and that’s when I signed it and gave it back. B and B’s parents were happy surprised to see everything.  B’s mother was nice to me and said I didn’t had to do this , but if it wasn’t for B’s  birthday I wouldnt have done it anyways! HA HA

After the dessert, when it was time to go home, B’s family drove back in the car and I drove with B in the truck to their house nearby.  It was just nice to be with B in the truck and holding hands with each other was just perfect. It was only some miles away from B’s house and it took us a little over ten minutes.  Both of us were in awe. B was in awe seeing me and having me there in Denver, CO before the birthday. I was in awe because I was happy to see B and the family for the first time. We had the birthday night coming up and the whole weekend was planned. In hindsight, it was just the beginning of an awesome fun filled weekend with the weirdo(s) in Denver!

On our way back, B told me that when we reach home we will meet M as well. In case I haven’t told you, M is B’s elder brother and lives with their parents till now. He works in hotel industry and customer service and is a character! He has dated a lot of people, but everyone has ditched him and left him. He likes to drink and keeps on buying shots for people he likes. He bought two for me as well. He likes dogs and is quite a nice guy to hang out with.  Before going to bed, we waited for M to come home and meet him. However because of his schedules, it is not always we could see M before bed and that night was one of those nights.

For the stay, B was sleeping in the guest room and it was big enough for both of us to sleep (big grin) and I placed my stuff in the guest room as well. It was a nice 1970’s house, enough for three or four people. And a couple spots for parking.  I had a good feeling about this place. It was after all the place where B grew up and spent all of his time before B went to Spain to study and then finally moved to Greater New York area.  After meeting B, I developed a habit of taking a shower before going to bed and it has become quite a ritual for me everywhere.  No matter where I am, I make sure I wash myself before going to bed. It’s nice.  After both of us, had showered (separately, yes!) , we slept peacefully after a session of fun! 

I don’t care if you judge me right now, but remember it was B’s birthday starting that night and I literally liked this person to death. And something big was going to happen which had been in process of inception since last June and it was about time for things to be better than present!


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