Hide and Seek Series – Part 4 || Meeting more of family !!

We slept till late that night and I was in complete bliss with everything!  Who wouldn’t be?  Nice cozy bed, warm room with B sleeping next to me.  It was as if everything was in harmony. For someone who is an outsider to me and B’s relationship, this sleep arrangement was far from being perfect but from my eyes (which had just B in them), it was anything but PERFECT.

I am sure B doesn’t remember some of the events to this great detail but it doesn’t cause me any sadness.  In all of this, B was the giver, and I was the taker – B kept on giving me these awesome memories and first-time type of events and I kept on taking them all.  And of course sleeping till 8 AM doesn’t hurt. It was only my second Saturday till now in the whole year where I woke up anywhere after 5:30 AM.  I was enjoying it quite a bit.  We woke up after around 8 and cuddled with each other quite a lot. It involved heavy petting and a lot of kissing. Then we just got up and went downstairs to meet the family.  I quickly used the washroom and headed downstairs after B.

We had a good breakfast with the family. It involved a lot of food, toasts, ham, eggs and juice!  After eating a lot of the food, I wanted to burn some calories. So I went upstairs and got to shower myself before I could help B’s father with making cabinets.  B’s father is in the process of re-doing the entire kitchen at their house. So he is doing everything from replacing the older cabinets with the new ones, the dishwasher, the whole of the area, the tiles etc.  Guessing from my experience at volunteering with the hardware stuff, I was keen to help him. So I jumped in and helped him make a couple of the cabinets. But not a lot J  and during this time, B was everywhere and always around, either playing with the dogs or just hanging out watching TV and doing nothing.  It just nice to have a normal family time around each other!

One of the perks as working with the fast food chains such as Chill’s or Apple Bee’s restaurant is that if you are a manager or supervisor of some sort, you can comp it off. I didn’t know that! If I knew why would I be in the Finance/IT industry? Ha Ha! Who doesn’t like free food?    I guess B’s brother A realized this long ago and was working with them.  It was an hour drive from Denver to another town east of Denver where A used to work.  B’s parents were very kind to drive me and B along with them to that place.  We didn’t hit any traffic but sitting at the passenger seats behind the driver makes me noxious. No One knows, but I.

Inside my head I was thinking something else. I was going to meet A for the first time and I had heard quite a lot good things mainly how mature and level headed he was, how he is getting married and just about how much responsible he was. He was a guy’s guy and also at the same time very responsible.  Hard to find such combo!   

I was going to meet him for the first time and for obvious reasons I was nervous. Not a lot, just a tad! 

We met at the restaurant when we sat and ordered the food. He was busy with coordinating the food and service for everyone in the restaurant. I guess some high school within 10 miles radius had their graduation weekend and that’s a reason why we saw a lot of kids with their parents and it was fully packed. Glad we entered and got seated at a good time. It was fun. We ate a lot and then I was so full that I needed to take a bathroom break.  LOL!! In the meantime, B texted me that I shouldn’t pull the “I am paying the bill” trick here because  A was a supervisor here and I didn’t need to pay for it.

We drove back to Denver after the good meal. It was great to see A afterall, it wasn’t as scary as it seemed before.  We hit some traffic on our way back but didn’t seem long because B was with me all the time.

We came home and slept because we needed to digest the good food! Ha Ha!  In between of all this, I had get some of the items from the store, so B was kind to drive me around and took me the store. We went in and went out. It was a quickie! ( not that kind of quickie 🙂 (Grin)

There is more to tell you about how I got drunk, I went to a club with B for the first time, and how strangers played a role and an awesome ride back home with M ! But not at the moment. I will write again, tomorrow! Till then stay tuned!


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