Hide and Seek Series – Part 5 – Awkwardness

Enough said already isn’t it?  

Coming back to the on-going conversation with you about what happened next. It was the big day for which I traveled to Colorado. It was the day of B’s birthday and it was going to be special.

All throughout my previous posts in this Hide and Seek series of posts(https://swampweapon.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/preparing-for-hide-and-seek/), I told you guys that B didn’t know any of this being planned and was completely surprised to see me in Colorado.  Since B had decided to be in Denver, Colorado for the big day, B did make plans to meet the friends and everyone else on the night of the big day like any normal person would have however it was a different evening for me all together. 

After we chilled in the afternoon with the family, we decided to take a nap together before we could get ready for the big night.  We ended up having some snuggle fun and then rest is history.  In the meantime, B’s parents had to run do an errand. But fortunately or unfortunately we had some company. B’s sister was around to chill and hangout with us, which is good and I am glad. But if B and I would have some more privacy, we could a little fun too.  But we had nonetheless!

Awkward Moments

We were in bed trying to take a nap together and I was hoping since it was B’s birthday we could have some fun too. However with B’s sister sitting downstairs and chilling we couldn’t really do anything that we wanted to do. But we did fool around. Let’s just say, there was a lot of  heavy petting, snuggling, lots of kissing, lots of other not to described here activities just not the end activities. Since we were in B’s parent’s guest room, and B’s sister was also around, we couldn’t risk making noises. But we achieve what would make us both happy. Once we did, B’s wanted to take shower and so did I. We showered and went to actually take a nap!

In between all this, something happened that B’s regrets happening. At least B did at that time, I am not sure how B feels at this time about it. As soon as B came out of the room, B was completely naked and it was that instant, B ran into the bathroom straight across to the guest room.  When B did run to go to bathroom, B’s sister stared upstairs while B was running out from the guest room to the bathroom. Gawd, it must have been awkward. I  wasn’t ahead of B to see all the awkwardness. I wish I was outside to see what the hell their reactions were!  I missed all the fun ! J!

They just yelled some slangs and cursed each other a little bit more than they normally do and just like that it was fine! As if it never happened !! Gawd, I know American families can be weird sometimes! !  We slept quickly after the shower. I wanted this night to be special. I was very happy for some reason.

Since we were going out tonight at around nine pm,  all three of us – B, myself and B’s sister got ready by 8:30 pm and started to go to downtown Denver.  We had rain on our way and it became very great weather to be with B after all. I was loving every bit of it.

I am so glad I met B


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