Hide and Seek Series – Spoiler Alert Trivia !!


Today, let me begin with being honest with you. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I haven’t been till now. Trust me, I am honest when I am blogging, and all of the Hide and Seek blogging series (https://swampweapon.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/preparing-for-hide-and-seek/) is witness to my trueness in events description and I am taking it even to the next level with you and everyone who is reading this. When I started to write about my adventure with B, I didn’t know it will be such a fabulous writing journey of adventure, truth, love, happiness, care and affection.

Sometimes I feel the “rush” or the “high” to share and describe everything to you and to everyone out there but that won’t be just. It won’t be just to you all, who are reading this blog posts because by flooding you with my thoughts I don’t want to overwhelm you.   Also, it won’t be just to B because I wouldn’t want to miss any detail of the events that happened. I wouldn’t want to miss any of the happiness either that I get by re-living the events that gave me the enthusiasm to share this happiness with everyone like you. And will you think about me for a second? J My fingers will be pretty seriously bruised by blogging so much!  J   And then I will write another post about the burning sensation in my fingers HA HA

Since I am rational person, I will not burn my fingers and will spare my keyboard!  

But before I do all of that in the upcoming very interesting multiple posts, I came across this Daily Post (use this link http://dailypost.wordpress.com/) blog which is one of favorite blog for the community and is very actively followed and discussed among fellow bloggers!  After taking a dive at the content of the blog, I realized it will be helpful for me to grow as a blogger and as a contributor.  As a result, I am actively following it now and I hope you take a minute and look for yourself. Happy Reading!!

Next one up today is the adventure of my first night club visit ever with B (and also after two years with anyone) which had more than just booze and taking a ride back home kind of events!  

Stay Tuned !!!


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