Hide and Seek Series Part 7 – Clubbing

It had started to pour hard, so did the level of cursing from Happiness and Happiness‘s sister! Oh I think I forgot to tell you, they both don’t like the rain. They don’t the weather or nature in general. Everything should be inside. Anything outside would probably be a problem. If its sunny, they will call it out as TOO sunny, if it’s cold, they its Canada for them and you can guess the rest.

Arriving at the Club

As soon as we made our way to the “club”, it started to pour even harder. We hit some downtown traffic as well. It was Cinco de Mayo weekend so we did expect a lot more traffic than we actually got. I guess the rains shoved all the people back in their holes! The moment we parked outside, it got worse. We literally came up with a plan to run from the car into the door, thinking about how much time we would need, how to cover ourselves and so on. And to add to our miseries, we didn’t carry umbrellas with us! Ha Ha.

Before we knew, Happiness yelled us to go out and start running, and all of us started running to the club entrance. Since we were earlier than 10 PM, we got in with no charge. It was good considering that I spent already a lot for the “birthday” but in hindsight I wouldn’t have minded a couple bucks more. Think about it, when you are already spending almost five hundred bucks, ten more is not going to make you broke ! :0 We got ourselves stamped and went in. It was vibrant bar and club, however the environment was just not in its full swing. May be because we were early! ! But we hoped to have a lot of celebrations because, one, B had invited almost 30 people to this club party, second it was Cinco De Mayo, so people are more excited to get out and party and third, this club is in the heart of Denver Downtown and near to University of Denver Downtown campus and medical school.

Beginning to Enjoy the Present Moment!

Slowly and steadily people started to come in, and by that time, Happiness started to buy us drinks! I know I know You would say, its Happiness‘s birthday and we should buy Happiness the drinks, but Happiness’s mother gave money to buy all of us some drinks. So Happiness wasn’t actually spending the money earned but rather what Happiness‘s mother made J Ha ha. And plus it was only first round. Then all of the rounds were on us. (me and other people around Happiness, so now you can back off) I had a couple drinks, a couple beers and I bought a couple rounds for everyone. I was happy. I wanted Happiness to be happy and have a good time. So, I was going to relax. That’s something I haven’t done in a long long time.

Hanging out with  Brother and Getting hammered

After a little while, Happiness‘s brother M came to see us in the club with two of his friends who played for the same team. It was good to hangout with friends and more friends. People were happy. It was then, M started to buy us drinks. He bought us two rounds. But what did I know. When he drinks, he starts to smoke. So the next thing I was pulled in to passive smoking. I don’t like smoking. I don’t like smoke. I hate being passive smoker! I hate hate it. that’s it. But I played along, because I was getting drunk a lot easily then I thought. Its not like New York City, the height at which Denver is at above sea level is already higher than New York city and I was mixing alcohol as well.

Super Drunk

Right at that instant, it hit me. I stopped drinking. I stopped buying or taking more shots. But before I realized it was too late. I was already drunk. I was still able to hold myself together but I was tipsy. And hitting people L oh yeah. I bumped into two or three people around me while going to the bathroom or coming from the smoking hell to the good place where Happiness was dancing with sister. In between all of this, Happiness’s school friend G came to see both of us. He recently had came to a realization of this team and was going through a “;discovering himself” phase. It was good to be a part of that as well. We talked quite a bit afterwards and while buying drinks. Upon drinking and getting to know each other more, he told me how he liked Happiness in school and never told Happiness about it. For one second I laughed in my head but I took it all in good spirit and wished him good luck finding another Happiness, hopefully made for him because this one was taken!

It was all good in my head. Who knew this would be a fun topic to tease Happiness the next day when we did talk about how G liked Happiness when they were in school. It made me feel a little bit insecure for some time, that G has a secret admirer and G had the similar feelings for Happiness as I did…if not the same.

First Realization

But then I saw Happiness dancing with sister and that was all it took. I saw Happiness being happy, happy to dance with sister, happy dancing with me. Holding hands, giving soulful glances to each other and being playful with each other.

It didn’t matter that instant who liked Happiness and who didn’t. All it mattered that Happiness hands were me, and mine around Happiness, I was resting my head against Happiness‘s. I held Happiness tighter and closer to myself and with that closeness, I realized we will be okay. We will be Okay. I loved being loved by Happiness



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