Hide and Seek Series Part 8 – Strangerstouchgate

You may have heard stories or better yet, experienced yourself hitting people when you’re so drunk on the way to the bathroom or to another drunk, when you don’t realize  a lot more people than you earlier thought. This, my friend is not new. But what happens when realize you are being hit on by someone, some stranger in a bar when you’re drunk and with your special someone like Happiness!

Student Tased @ WKU Subway
Student Tased @ WKU Subway (Photo credit: Danny Guy)

The club which we went to had two sections of the area. One was the area where go-go dancers were being cheered by girls and boys, thrilling light effects were so astonishing that it appeared to mesmerize everyone, people were buying drinks and getting drunk, a surprise TV interview was going on with some sort of local celebrity which was also in the club that night, and that’s where we hung out for the most part of the night. Another one was more retro kind of area, where older pop music more like 80’s music was being played, and thus we went there when we were not normal and were about to get drunk. It is important to note that I was the only one among “Happiness” and “Happiness”s family who was substantially drunk.  I was drunk because I was happy.. happy because it was “Happiness” birthday.. happy because I was meeting “the family”, happy because I had a feeling, they liked me, happy because I was dating someone who is happy to be with me.

Knowing the Past

After I had enough of drinks and M had joined us, we went to that “Retro” area to chill and relax.  We were pretty wasted by that time but we still had little capacity to drink more. Happiness’s brother stopped by from the “happening” area to the “retro” area and asked if we needed more shots. I was down for one more. I went to get the drinks from the bar with M and G and someone ended up talking to G about Happiness and his past with everyone in Denver.  

It was interesting to know what the past had to offer about Happiness and it was exciting to get overwhelmed with Happiness’s past.  It was like knowing young Happiness, knowing Happiness’s past, knowing Happiness’s childhood, Happiness’s school, Happiness’s friends and more!

Strangers Touch!

After one more shot with M and other friends ( Happiness and Happiness’s sister didn’t wanted to drink anymore), I needed to see my special someone and couldn’t leave Happiness alone with Happiness‘s sister.   I went to the “retro” room/area and started to dance with Happiness. We were just dancing and nothing more J  I don’t know about Happiness, I know about myself. I loved every second of it. Sometimes Happiness can be very romantic and would curl arms around me and I would embrace Happiness and just keep on doing what we do at that time. During that night, we were dancing and Happiness embraced me in between and I did the same. Sometimes we would do a little bit of Cha-Cha and sometimes a bit of Salsa. It was a great feeling.  Suddenly, something changed.  My eyes were focused on Happiness and my hands touching Happiness‘s hands. Sometimes I would grind against Happiness and vice versa. It was great.   A guy who was around that little cocoon of area where Happiness and I were dancing, he suddenly came behind us. It was alright till the time he didn’t touch me.  I was probably a lot drunk to realize that anything could happen with me. And so was Happiness. We were just enjoying ourselves.

Dance Floor
Dance Floor (Photo credit: enric archivell)

This guy came behind me and started to feel me around my butt and region.   It feels great when Happiness would check me out, but it felt different. It felt strange.  He came and rubbed himself behind me and I didn’t like it. But I was drunk to even take an action. At the same time, Happiness was a lot more sober than I was. Happiness pulled me away from that guy and we started to dance in another cocoon. I was drunk and I didn’t mind dancing in another region.  It was normal, considering I wasn’t.   However when we moved to another cocoon, that guy followed us there as well. He moved forward to grope me and feel me even more closely than before.  By now, I had realized what was going on. Happiness pulled me again away and kept on dancing. It felt great to me. I was with someone whom I love.  It was great. But it felt a little weird.  Suddenly that guy left. I think he got the idea I was with someone and I wasn’t interested in him. However it felt somewhat weird.

I was happy to see that the distraction went away before another one came.  I had to pee J I was drunk and I had to pee now. I told Happiness that I had to go and pee and will need to go to the bathroom.

Bathroom 1
Bathroom 1 (Photo credit: A30_Tsitika)

Followed by Strangers

You wouldn’t be able to guess what happened when I went to the bathroom. The distraction guy came behind me and stood outside the bathroom. When I came out, he literally held me and tried to grope me again. I was taken back , a bit and then I pushed him away. He tried to kiss me thinking I would be willing to kiss him back however I didn’t kiss him back. I was going to Punch him, but then I didn’t. Now in hindsight, I think I should have punched him LOL. It was not only the right thing to do, but also the my right jerk reaction to what he did.  

When I pushed him away, he realized he wasn’t welcomed here and he went away.  I went back to the washroom.  I felt I needed to take a shower but I was a club.   I went back to wash my face and then I wanted to go see Happiness again.  But before going out to meet Happiness, something unexpected happened with me. I puke-ed all over. I was drunk a lot and now it was time to spill it out. J

Drunk Pumpkin
Drunk Pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I puked a lot before someone came running to me and asked if I was okay. I yelled, I was okay just didn’t  feel like coming out of the bathroom just yet. But as soon as I came out, the security at the club came to me and took me to the extreme out corner of the club.  They asked me to tell my friends that I was going home. I was too drunk to probably understand what was going on here, but Happiness and others were kind to come and get me away from those security people and take me home.

A lot more drunk!

Before I knew, M held me and would hold my hand. I asked him to let me go and meet Happiness but he wasn’t going to let me go and meet Happiness.  M volunteered to drive me back to their house and I kept on puking all the way. All of the way, I kept on saying ( as much as I remember) I love Happiness and I am sorry that I made a mess of myself. I drank too much. I am sorry. But I am happy for Happiness. Its Happiness‘s Birthday. I am happy, that’s why I drank. I am sorry J I like Happiness a lot.

I remember, M was drunk but not that drunk. He kept on giving me re-assurance that everything was fine and we were cool.  But I wasn’t going to listen. I kept on saying the same shit over and over again. It was hilarious in more than one way.  

In some time, we reached at their home. I took the first step out of the car and I puke again.  M held me again and I puke again. I almost did fell down and but I gathered myself back.   I used all the energy which was left, and stood up and got out of the car.  By this time, Happiness also had reached and came to embrace me. I started my jargon again. Oh I love you so much. I am so happy for you. Happy Birthday blah blah and more blah ! !

Hell Awaits me

Happiness took me upstairs to the guest room. I needed to pee again and I went to bed, who knew the hell awaited me in the morning!

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