Lunch posts


Just doing my morning ritual of reading through some of the web posts that I think I need to kick my brain in the balls to get started for the day! ( Sorry I don’t drink coffee anymore! So I have to use something else to WAKE up)  I read this interesting article ( about a 9-year-old girl in London, UK who started to photo document the lunch she would receive every day at her high school.

London Wheel - London
London Wheel – London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Why do I think you should read it or at least visit it once? – There are so many reasons.

1. Simply because she is 9 years old photo blogger Isn’t that bold enough at this age?

2. She is a vegetarian I believe and PETA loves her!

3. She is very aware about nutrition and fatty food AND isn’t shy to share what she thinks about her high school provided lunches !

4. She is part of the news now and is inspirational

5. She wants to raise money for an NGO – Mary’s Meal Kitchen in Africa and she has already raised £45,889.46 which is way more than one kitchen she wanted to start originally.

So what do you say? Are you game or not?  She deserves our support !


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