Grocery Shopping Adventures!!

Hello !!

There WAS a time when food was cheap, everywhere! But not anymore!  But this trick still IS a cheap method to save money on buying food and grocery items in this economy. You would think it would be a small amount of savings but its 30 to a 50 percent savings on your every grocery bill. Imagine that much savings without having to do anything. The same food, same brands, everything you buy at regular store, you can buy the same items in Salvaged Grocery Store.  Haven’t heard about them?  True, because these stores are cheap and don’t have millions of dollars to spend on marketing and promotions as other big stores like Walmart, etc.  spend yearly to impress your food buying habits by social media and other methods.

Finnish grocery store on wheels inside Suomala...
Finnish grocery store on wheels inside Suomalainen myymäläauto sisältä (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though the use of coupons or as we know it “couponing” can be attractive to most people who have the time, efforts and resources for it, however I believe like me, most of us work a full-time job, manage our life responsibilities both personal and professional.. and don’t really have time for the overall work that is required to be good at couponing. So for us, here is one more tip

Salvaged Grocery Store List

Use the Salvaged Grocery Store List ( to find out a grocery store in your area with this list state by state list. These stores sell food with slightly damaged packaging at very very generous discounts.

English: Surplus Commodities Program. (53227(1...
English: Surplus Commodities Program. (53227(1770), 00/00/1936, 27-0844a.gif) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t be afraid to go out and try something new. Be adventurous!! I am planning to check it out this week and hopefully will post a review about how did it go. Chao!


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