The action has to come first

Breaking the mental block wasn’t easy, but I had to do it somehow. For so many weeks, I have struggled to get to the point of making an effort. Some days I blamed the morning, sometimes I blamed the weather, other days I blamed my mood. And that’s when I realized it was just a mood that preceded my action.

I awfully stood there in my apartment when I realized it. I do realize everyday is different and may be I will try to break the mental block tomorrow or the day after. With this thought, I let go of the day and my guilt for yesterday as well.

I was happy again but there was somewhere the guilt which wasn’t making me ecstatic in the real sense.

mental (Photo credit: faster panda kill kill)

Today, I took that step. The action has to come first. I brought the bag and started towards my destination. Every step was like a war. My mind wasn’t ready and fooling me today as well to not go. But I was determined. I ran even faster towards my destination before my mind could take over me. I ran faster and faster. Finally I was in my heaven – the gym.

After a good hour of workout I definitely felt like I broke the first wall in the war of mental block. I will continue to do more hopefully.

While reading an article on CNN, I came across another story of a fat person at 40 who turned out and now is one of the twenty five fittest people in the world. You might want to read it here (; it is a good read if you also want your actions to come first and moods later!

Happy Reading! Chao!


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