10 facts about Amazon.com I bet you didn’t know

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I am sure you ( Don’t worry, I am pointing a finger to myself as well) like everyone, has at some point bought something from Amazon.com (www.amazon.com ) or atleast went on Amazon.com to read the reviews and compare the prices before and after the shipping.

Well I am guilty. I have done this and many more activities, many a times in each quarter for last couple of years!   Hell I even have their Subscribe and Save plan on various things. But its all good. Or at least it WAS!

Now.. ? Not so much. I am going to be careful!

As a part of daily routine of reading articles and news on various sources, I came across this article named “10 things that Amazon.com doesn’t want you to know” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/10-things-amazon-doesnt-want-you-to-know_n_1624036.html ) on one of my favorite news website HP aka Huffington Post( www.huffingtonpost.com )

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos starts his High Orde...

I am sure if you read it through, you will be surprised too. I was surprised by 1, 4, 5 ! Rest all, especially the 6th one, I knew.

HP copied the re blogged (that’s the new way of saying we copied and we will cite you in the article) the article from Smart Money. The original link is here http://www.smartmoney.com/spend/technology/10-things-amazon-wont-tell-you-1340298990486/?link=SM_hp_middle_optStory

Read it and tell me how you feel. It feels like e-cheated LOL!!

Happy Reading and Happy Writing!!


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