Awesome Gift Idea! ( Stolen for a Vampire!)

Today I am sharing with you one of the coolest tricks I have read recently! You might know I follow some of the coolest blogs, and one of them is this awesome blog ( ). This morning when I got the email for the new post, for some reason I decided to read it through towards the end. Most often I don’t ( GUILTY)

Let me ask you a simple question here. “How many times you wanted to gift someone something which is original, cute, funny and yet doesn’t kill your budget? ”
If something just clicked in your head, (don’t worry it’s not a light bulb), like it did for me when I came across this awesome idea, it probably could mean one of the following things – you understand what I am talking about and want to know more, you get what I just wrote about and you have been in my shoes before, or you know how it feels to buy expensive gifts to your friends and family and burning your last month’s budget/saving. 😦

Well in any case, I have a cool suggestion for you which will not hurt your budget and it is cool and cute and definitely DOESN’T appear to be cheap in any way (if you are thinking in that direction, you’re definitely wrong !! )

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Step 1: Find a dollar tree nearby and go there when you can

Step 2: If you already know a dollar tree, pick up white mugs/wine glasses/flower keeps et.c Yes the same exact White Cups/Mugs you walk past by every time because you think they are just cheap and you don’t have any faith in them

Step 3: Go to any of your super stores nearby and buy a permanent marker. Color Black will work great! You can get other dark colors such as RED, BLUEetc.

Step 4:Come home and wash the White Cup to remove dirt and other unnecessary particles on the outside surface

Step 5: Think of a cute message that you want to give that special someone. If you are DENSE like I am today, Don’t you worry! With Internet being at your tips, you can do a quick internet search ( ) and you are, my dear, a super romantic genius ! ! Thank you Thank you!

Although my personal recommend coming up with your own quote! Don’t worry ! Cheesy is just fine! 🙂

Step 6: Write the quote/message on the cup in your weird handwriting ! LOL. Its only then I realized how I have work on my handwriting ! Gawd, now I know how kids must feel at school and at home!

Step 7: Once done writing, bake the cup at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to let the marker stay permanently

TA- DA – Your great personalized and awesome gift is ready for your special someone.

Now, lets see how much did you spend for this awesome gift! Shall we?

1) Dollar tree cup/vase/glass or whatever : $1:07 with tax
2) Permanent Marker of a good quality : $3 ( roughly) with tax
3) Time it was in the oven being baked ( I don’t know about you guys, my PSEG is not that bad): a buck or two, lets say $2

In all, you spent a little over 6 bucks for an awesome personalized gift. Isn’t it great?

Additional Idea:

Now what you can do next is fill this cup with some special chocolates and wrap it with special dollar tree wrapping paper and give it. It’s an awesome gift already !

Swiss Chocolates
Swiss Chocolates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OR you can just fill in your own blood and give it, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire! LOL. Just kidding. 🙂

Vampire Blood Wine Glasses | New Moon Party: T...
Vampire Blood Wine Glasses | New Moon Party: Twilight Saga (Photo credit: Kendall’s Entertaining Life)

But wouldn’t you agree this is an awesome idea?

A mental note for me: It was nice to kind of read through the entire post for a change and NOT skim through. I will try to read through the blog post more and not skim in the future. I promise!! Gawd knows how many great ideas, thoughts have slipped till today because of my “skimming” the articles and blogs!!

Go reading! Go writing!


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