Day 2 – Power Yoga

Yoga 23
Yoga 23 (Photo credit: o0bsessed)

Feeling the energy in me and trying to keep a healthy check on my procrastination behavior, I hit the gym again on day 2. As far as I could tell, this was a good surprise. At first, I wasn’t keen on joining in the Power Yoga session, complementary at the gym provided from the trainer, but I still did.

A little sneak peak:

I used to be totally into Yoga when I was in High school and continued my streak of fun with Yoga for a couple of years. It was great while it lasted. I became so good with knowing specifics of yoga, I started to teach Yoga professionally. I did that for two years and I went to college after that, where I stayed connected to Yoga on a very loose basis.  It was a good revival trip to Yoga when I decided to join Power Yoga.

Another part about me is that I hate, HATE , JUST HATE extreme direct sunlight. I can’t take it. So when the trainer suggested to do the POWER YOGA in the open on a bright sunny day in New York when the mercury touched 100 degrees, I panicked internally.  I drank a lot of water, I mean a lot of water. I was risking running to pee or worst, peeing in my gym shorts! But fortunately all that water went out in the form of sweat when we did power yoga for 60 minutes out IN the damn Sun!

Yoga at Wanderlust
Yoga at Wanderlust (Photo credit: aquababe)

We didn’t do anything too hard to be honest with you, but whatever we did, it was enough to tell me that I am no longer that flexible person I used to be in the high school and that my dear friend killed my happiness inside me. Not that I didn’t know that already but coming to shockingly close encounter with the facts made me a little less glee about my physical state and it made me more stronger to continue towards what I want to become and why I have started to exercise in the first place. And I think that is a good thing.

Once we were done and I was done crying about it inside, we came inside to the air-conditioned gym area, where I continued to do my activities of cardio, weights, squats and some cycling. I miss my swimming routine 😦 Pretty after that I had burnt myself. I didn’t have any more power to do anything and that too being at work. I was away from work seat for almost 2 hours and that is not good. But sometimes the days have the latitude to let you be away that much and not being put in a spot. That was one of those days.

I showered and came to grab my lunch. I was hungry like hell. Below is what I ate all that day:

Morning Breakfast: Two eggs (whole eggs) scrambled/fluffy eggs made with 2 percent milk and extra virgin olive oil ( 2 tbs) and one half diced tomato (fresh) along with one half diced green pepper (raw and fresh) along with two toasts!

English: Scrambled eggs with bacon Español: Hu...
English: Scrambled eggs with bacon Español: Huevos revueltos con tocino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lunch : Two grilled chicken breasts with no salt added, along with half a pound of broccoli and salad.

English: its broccoli

Desert: I ate a slice of apple pie from the cafe. It looked so delicious. I caved in.

Dinner: I made tortillas with lettuce, beans, rice, guacamole, pickles, alpine, tomatoes, fat-free cheese and bit of siracha sauce.

English: Blue and Nopal-flavored (green) tortillas
English: Blue and Nopal-flavored (green) tortillas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My body is sore as of today, but I still owe you another two blog posts for today’s and yesterday’s gym experience. Happy Reading, Happy writing!


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