Happiness & Movie Tuesday – Abraham Lincoln, the Vampire Hunter !!


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness and I went to watch a movie as planned before from last week and we called it Movie Tuesday! ( like Happy Friday, get it?)    I solely left the choice of movie, the time and the place to be chosen by Happiness. It was Happiness who suggested to watch a movie on Tuesday ( work day uggh) in the first place and the suggestion that came up was for Abraham Lincoln – the Vampire Hunter

I quickly gave in because of two reasons – I just wanted Happiness to be happy and watching the movie with Happiness is just a pretext, of spending more time with Happiness. And two, because I love anything and everything about Vampires! Not the creepy kinds, but the cool kinds – say True Blood, Twilight etc to name a few. So I agreed to watch this movie.     The movie started 10 minutes past the scheduled time. This gave me and Happiness more time to settle in and watch the previews for other movies and we already made plans for late summer and early fall and made a list of possible picks to go along!!

The movie timeline is set up in eighteen hundreds when the slaves were still legal in the states and most WHITE people had BLACK slaves. Starts with the first encounterwith Vampire and Happiness freaked out. The movie is not at all hard to follow and in fact with the 3-D glasses on ourselves, it was even cooler to watch!

It is about the epic struggle between the good and the bad!

This is a evil lolcat.
This is a evil lolcat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Abe’s mother is first infected by some vampire disease and then eventually dies because of his father’s and his own dissent against the group of influential people who Abe and his father didn’t know were Vampires. Little Abe is looking for revenge and any opportunities that might fly by to take revenge from that particular vampire. But his father’s promise holds him back for a couple of years before one day, he finally breaks his promise one special day when he is drunk and attacks the vampire, only to discover that he is not capable of killing the vampire. He needs more training and more tools.

Someone saves him from being killed by the Vampire in the movie and that someone is another Vampire, a fact that is not revealed until late in the movie and which causes unnecessary yet entertaining drama in the movie. This vampire is sort of the good vampire of the movie and is looking for revenge and curbing the bad vampires. He trains Abe with all his might and tools and Abe becomes a good VAMPIRE HUNTER! He KILLS 6 or 7 vampires at one point and then something happens. Abe meets his wife, dates her and then gets married to Mary eventually. Man gotta look for his needs as well.

At the same time, Abe is going to school to become a lawyer. He is going to school and killing vampires and dating this girl and working full-time at a pharmacy. WOW.

Abe (Photo credit: goto10)

At the same time, the vampires which are being killed by Abe moslty belonged to a League of vampires guided by their leader and of course, is against humans and wants USA to be land of vampires and not humans. Of course, the epic battle continues and it could only lead to a predictable yet fascinating fight sequences in the movie.

Multiple times in the movie, Happiness jumped from the seat – a clear sign that Happiness loved the movie. We sat next to each other, cuddling in the seats awkwardly, however every time a scary scene came up or something unpredictable happened, Happiness would grab me. I am not the kind of guy who will be scared in the movies ( at least not now) but I can’t say that about Happiness. Every time Happiness grabbed me, even if I wasn’t scared, I would get the physical jolt for it. It annoyed me, but the at the same time I loved it. Weird! Happiness is weird.

In all, a good movie to watch if you want some happiness with your version of Happiness! Don’t forget to read reviews at IMDB here ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1611224/)

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