Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover

Big Bang 2 (album)
Big Bang 2 (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taa-daaaaaa! Boooom!

After blogging and reading the same fashion of blog posts, with the same colors, with the same format, and same outline, I got bored with all of my subscriptions and when I saw my own blog to fit right in that category of boring blogs which I was bored of, I said to myself

“I need to change it. I can’t be something I hate “

Ha Ha, Okay. Honestly, it wasn’t that dramatic of a conversation, but it was something on those lines.

In short, the older version of the blog you have always liked because of my writing, real life stories and you have subscribed to, is going to be very lively with a new cover  and more!  Come check it out at

Does that mean you will not get the emails?  Oh Gawd! No. You will. You probably will get the same amount of emails, but with the kick ( only metaphorically speaking). If you come and read it, you see the new changes for the blog!

Come and experience the change ! More crisp writing, more pictures and more real time blogging !

Boom (Photo credit: astrolame)

So now,  Click here

I leave you with the quote for now,

 “Change is inevitable! The sooner we adopt it, the better it is!”

Happy Reading !! Happy Writing !!


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