Day 3 – Training hand in hand ( literally)

Push-Ups (Photo credit: Jennuine Captures)

I hit the gym the third day with no plan for the workout. So I pretty much started with my conventional thought process of first warming up and then hitting the weights and machines.

I hopped on the cycle and did that for 15 minutes at an average speed of 15/16 MPH. It’s not that difficult to keep up but what is hard to get it to 17 or to 18 and then keep up that. At least for me it proved that way. I found that during my course of cycling I would cycle constantly at above my comfort zone speed and then in between intermittently, I would race against myself and push it to 18 and then stay there for a couple of seconds ( not minutes 🙂 ) and come resting back to 15/16 mph.

Now I am not professional at this, but I do have common sense. I think its okay to be in this cycle of crests and troughs in order to peak myself and then take rest and then peak again on the day 3. It was about time to hit the weights. Remember I was on the clock being at work.

I hit the weights almost instantaneously which caused me breathlessness. I should have waited 😦  But I realized it after it happened. And then I took the “break”
I started with straight dumbbells ( 2 sets of 10 each), curls (2 sets of 10 each), bench press (2 sets of 5 each), push-ups (2 sets of 5 each), another set of side dumbbells for my love handles lol ( 2 sets of 10 each). I followed all of it by 5 minutes of casual stretching of legs, thighs and upper arms, waist and back!

Push Up BarsNow was the time to hit the other complex machines for various body regions. I focused on core and upper chest region. I need to build in general my chest and core that is weak and I am working on it to make it stronger, however it is easier said than done. I focused on my upper back, lower ribs front and upper abs for now and I can focus on a different body region on every day basis and in a few months, I will be toned up! Are you going to hang in there with me for all of these months? LOL Please do. I will need someone to tell me how am I doing and how I can improve and focus on my work out and regions. If you are going through this kind of or any other kind of emotional, physical or mental transformation, feel free to leave me a message, I promise I will come and read it and leave my two cents.

I ate pretty much the similar kind of meals today as well, which is below

Breakfast: Fluffy eggs (3) with washed and diced green bell peppers (one half), tomatoes (One full). I don’t know why I like fluffy eggs so much 😀 I have kind of discovered my another vice 🙂 HA HA!

English: Green, yellow and red bell peppers fr...
English: Green, yellow and red bell peppers from the capsicum annuum plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lunch: I ate salad from the café (around 4 oz) mainly consisting of lettuce, spinach, peppers, carrots and I had grilled chicken ( 1) breast that I grilled one night before.

Lamb and Artichoke Salad made from BBQ leftove...
Lamb and Artichoke Salad made from BBQ leftovers. All salads from the same BBQ: – Tomato and Grilled Mushroom Salad – Lamb and Artichoke Salad – Beef, Mushoom and Olive Salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dinner: I had a dinner planned with a friend at an Indian restaurant in New Jersey Hoboken Area, and I had to honor it. I had soup , NO appetizer! Gawd it killed me. I wanted to have those Indian Samosas or something like it. And I got grilled vegetables with white rice (most of which I saved for the next day because I didn’t wanted to eat up in the night after 7 pm that much of exotic food), and that’s it. Oh I forgot I had a pop too!

English: Samosa
English: Samosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This way I managed to save my meal routine and still go out. Some of you might not agree to it, I understand and I know, but what a man gotta do when we workout and have to deal with the social networks and pressure! I chose to just balance it. That’s my silver bullet for now 🙂

Lessons learnt for this workout are twofold:

1. Never NOT have a plan for the work out. Always enter the gym with a plan!   I am not asking you to be professional planner and make it very advanced! All I am asking is that have a rough idea – say squats, push-ups, bench press, 15 mins of cardio, followed by 10 minutes of rowing and 10 minutes of breathing exercises or Yoga to calm you down., etc.   Just this small amount of planning should do the trick and make you feel you did have a good workout today!

2. If you are breaking the ice with the gym and machines after a while, don’t overdo! Don’t think you are stud and keep on doing! (I hate the sore body)

Till the next rambling! Chao!


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