Making Friends With Fear

Motivation by fear
Motivation by fear (Photo credit:

As a part of my morning routine of teasing my brain, I stumbled upon this great and powerful article on Huffington Post and it clearly resonated with me on many levels.

Here is the excerpt from it

” In this culture we are taught to believe that fear is the enemy; if we are afraid, it means that we are weak, that there is something wrong with us. We believe that if we allow our fear to be heard or  considered, it will prevent us from getting what we want; that fear is bigger than and separate from us. Furthermore, if we let fear win, we are losers. “

If you would rather read the entire article, please click here ( and read it.

Face your fear
Face your fear (Photo credit: jcoterhals)

I am going to create a list of my fears and work from there as well! Have a good day!


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