Lunch is treat–eee!!

Well lately I have been “bagging” my lunch to work.  That has been quite a different experience, given the fact that I didn’t make breakfast, lunches, or dinners from last two years. ( No big deal, I was on tours for work 😀 )

Now when I have a less traveling work requirement, I figured I would put some health gear on and run towards my health commitments. ( we will keep that for a later time, though)


Coming back to the lunch treats, I have been thinking about would make a good lunch option which is non greasy, non sleep inducing, non liquidy ( if thats a word, pardon me) and so on. (you get the idea)

I know first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is sandwich.  Make different kinds of sandwich.  and blah blah. But you know after a while, you just get bored of it. Slowly you want to try something new. Here are some of my ideas for something new ( atleast to me)

1. Avocado Salad with a fruit

2. Fruit salad ( may be too much work?)

3. Sauteed vegetables medley

4. Grilled vegetables with brown rice

5. Grilled chicken breast (1) with brown rice

6. Pasta with veggies (Wheat pasta boiled with no sauce, added with olive oil and vegetables)

7. Sauteed Shrimp with salad

8. Sauteed Shrimp with Brown rice

9. Sauteed Shrimp and vegetables


Now I am out of ideas.  Do YOU have any?


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