Why do we blog?


Why do we blog?

Welcome, most of us (,fabulous people) who write or like to write (but never get to it) or read what others write (we know you want to write as well, but aren’t getting into it, just yet), we know the harsh reality.  The reality of why we write/blog?  Every one of us, has one strongest reason as to why he/she blogs. And I am sure of that!!

Some days, I find myself pursuing my thoughts; wondering what makes me write or atleast what makes me want to write, even if I don’t get to it successfully. I thought I would put together some of the reasons why most of the people blog:

  • Resolving the Unresolved Emotions
  • Share the view
  • To be heard
  • To talk to someone (yeah, it’s true)

Depending upon your personality, where you’re in your life, your emotional quotient (EQ) and what meaning you attach to yourself and others, we all fall into one of these motivators.  I am curious to identify new buckets of why most of us fabulous people blog? 

That’s the entire bucket list, I could think of.  What about you? Do you have any other reasons to blog?  


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