Week 11 – Health Check

Week 11 Milestone
Week 11 Milestone

In the recent times, I have constantly thought about being healthy and living a healthier life style in general.  Yes, you are completely wrong in guessing that this is something I started from New years as a part of my resolutions.  Well you will be surprised that I don’t have any resolutions for this year.   I am still very type A person, if you know what I mean

(If you don’t know what being Type A means, please read the HuffPo article, it is a good read. )

So, back to me being healthy.  Hmm.

If I may share some dates with you, I started to be healthy November 4th, 2013 and it has been eleven (11) weeks ever since.   I have made quite a few changes in my life style such as reading about health stuff, making three meals a day (with filler items in between here and there), bagging lunch every day, doing Vipassana yoga almost every day (either while coaching or while learning in the studio), hitting the gym at least once a week, eating a pound of veggies every day, adding more eggs/proteins to my diet, removing unnecessary carbs from the diet and so on.

For starters, I cook now all the meals at home.  My apartment has seen more of my ass hanging around in last 10 weeks than in last two years.  My apartment must be really getting a piece of my ass these days, I wonder how it is. May be I should ask someone about it 🙂

I think you will find the list of some of the things I don’t buy anymore that I used to get before

  • Butter,
  • Bread (White or Wheat),
  • Full Cream Milk,
  • Cookies,
  • Pies,
  • Bread rolls,
  • Munchies (you know we all them),
  • Candies,
  • Cheese and so on

I however added the following things to my diet (Some of these items, I already used to get, but in lesser quantities or may be infrequently)

  • All veggies (green beans, broccoli, peppers, kale, spinach, carrots, Brussels sprouts and so on)
  • Coconut Oil/Extra Virgin Oil
  • Limited quantities of Ramen Noodles (Yes you heard it right )
  • Wheat Pasta
  • Protein Powder, and
  • Nuts

Here, the most obvious question still remains unanswered? – “What happened after you did all of this?”  I am asking myself the question and the answer lies in ten words. Yup. Just 10 words.

I lost 14 pounds and 3 inches in waist size.

I used to wear 36 inch jeans. Being a guy you would say, its nothing out of the abnormal, but realizing where I come from, understanding my diet patterns, and acknowledging that I have had issues with my weight or atleast the image of it, since I know of myself, and at one point in the not so much far history, I hit my biggest ever mark on the belt when I would NOT fit into 38 inch pants; I think you would agree wtih me that coming from a waist size of  38+ inches, a reduced waistline of 33 inches seems a major milestone.   Well at this point, you can arguably suggest me that a reduction from 38 to 33 inch isn’t 3 inches, and yes I agree. It isn’t.

Story of two inches

My original journey of reducing my waist size from 39/38 inches started a while ago but at that point in the journey I didn’t realize it was a journey that I wanted to take.  Since then, I have been working steadily on it, every meal, every day, every where.  With 39 inches of waist, I stood at 220 pounds at my maximum weight. I wasn’t doing enough to stay healthy, to stay lean and to be physically active.  I lead a very sedentary life style with a 9 to 6 corporate job and then drive back to my apartment where I would munch on “Healthy” snacks and feel miserable/healthy on the couch itself.  This unhealthy, unattentive and careless orderal continued for almost 15 months and that’s when for the first time I lost enough weight to be back under 200 pounds. Since then, it has been a tough journey, loosing the last 30 pounds and becoming healthy as a result of it.   Oh and by the way, all of this is so fun, when you’re born obese and you have struggled with being overweight or being chubby throughout your teens and twenties life.  I was continuously bullied for being on the heavier side of the spectrum in Middleschool, highschool, and then college. It all made me strong. Strong beyond this reasonable doubt that in the end I made their bullying my energy to keep working on myself. Everytime I was taunted or bullied by someone at school, I would walk one round more in the park. Everytime I was pushed aside by someone for being heavier, I ran harder.  And I continue to do so till today.

Even though the bullying has stopped pretty much, what hasn’t stopped is my journey from being 220 pounds and unhealthy to 170 pounds and healthy, lean and muscular.


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