Buying More Happiness with Less Money

Today, after a lot of thinking and pocket searching 🙂 , I have decided that I want to share one of my best kept secrets with you.  This secret has been with me ever since … and I have learnt in time… its sometimes hard, sometimes easy ways on how to adjust with it, more importantly accept it and live with it.  

In life, you will find yourself involved in several things at the same time, multi-tasking and managing your daily duties as a friend, partner, and parent along with your work/business. Well guess what? The same is the case with me.  But I am also.. “A Frugal by choice”.  


There I said it. I am FRUGAL by choice

Now, are you wondering why I said that I am “A Frugal by choice“.  Well, here is a little context for you.  

I was born and raised within an affluent family with several of my daily chores being done by someone else, where I had pets who I didn’t had to walk, where I had cars which I didn’t had to clean, and so on. You get the idea.   I went to good private schools and colleges.  However, I was never affluent myself.  I know some of you may think this is a complete hypocrisy. But just hear me out. Will ya?

Walk the pets

My parents are both hard working who worked regular hours and didn’t do anything wrong in their work lives to make money irregularly. They just really did the right things in life.  They chose to spend money on food, education and us – the family.  They chose to ignore other things – redoing the house furniture every few years, upgrading for new car every 2 years, and plus spending a lot on new things such as a house, car and electronic devices.   They just really did it right.  That allowed us to have help at our hands, allowed us to have pets and more financial freedom in general. That was just the way it was done.   What did I learn from it?  Well, many things!!  (Keep reading)

I came across a very interesting article today at about 7 habits of highly frugal people and I thought I would share it with you all as well if you’re also a Frugal by Choice or by need. Either way it’s a good read.  This post was originally written by Alban. He is a personal finance writer for  Trust me; these are five minutes of your online life well spent.  

As always, until the next rambling!


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