Running away was never my deal!

Since November, I have focused my energy on being healthy and loosing all the baby fat that I haul around since I was a kid. It’s about time I did something about it.  After first two difficult weeks and exercise with yoga, I eased into healthy 4 portioned meals a day full of proteins, veggies and nuts.   This is my week 12 and till now I have lost 16 pounds and 4 inches in waist size.  

I know this is not good enough.  Not for me.

I have looked at Spartan race, World’s toughest mudder and so on extreme exercises to motivate me but I didn’t know I could challenge myself to get fit by having some more fun and in near future.  That’s when I looked at Half Marathon.  Not just any Marathon.  Yes you’re right, I have taken my baby step towards running.

I registered for the Brooklyn Half Marathon 2014. WOOT!!  Now that being said, I am very nervous about it.   I will create a regime today to begin with and alter it as I go and learn from my mistakes and of course the guidance I will get from everyone in my circle and you guys!!

I will start running today.  Starting to do something new that I really detest. I am sorry but I hate running, I hate how it makes me feel, I hate the thing. But I am pushing myself to do something that I have less odds for or odds are against me for completing.  However, challenging yourself to do something that you haven’t done ever before is the point.  The point in challenging your fears. The point in facing them in the eyes.  The point in trying a new path.  The point in climbing a higher height.  And then point in winning it.  The point in looking at the fear in the eye and with that one gaze, giving a message to the fear

I overcame you

Let’s start doing this. Today.

PS: If you have any tips on running or you’re trying to train for an upcoming event like me, I welcome you to leave your thoughts and this way we can help each other.


One thought on “Running away was never my deal!

  1. Firstly, well done for starting to run it is something we were born to do. Secondly, ease yourself into it. Too many people go out and run too many miles, go too fast and have no training plan. I started running April 2013 and my long runs on a Sunday are now close to 20 miles and have had no serious injuries due to training correctly and listening to my body. You might hate running but think of all those people who wish they could run but can’t, think how fortunate you are to have this ability. I love running and always finish it with a smile on my face because I’ve done it!
    All the best and stay positive.

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